Iran Top Rated Tourist Attractive Cities and Provinces

Top rated attractions in Tehran

Tehran Attractions

Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Tehran

Tehran is considered the first destination for many tourists traveling to Iran. The capital of all countries is not usually the best destination for tourism in the country, but due to the presence of important organizations and institutions, museums and galleries and important cultural and artistic destinations, it is always worthwhile to see for many tourists.

Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Kashan

Kashan is a historic and desert city in the center of Iran's central mountain range. Kashan can be considered the cradle of traditional civilization and traditional culture of Iran with the age of 7000 years. The geographical and climatic location of Kashan region has created special conditions for tourism, which can be noted it’s historical, natural, religious, artistic, industrial and original architecture attractions.

Top rated attractions in Kashan

Kashan Attractions

Top rated attractions in Kerman

Kerman Attractions

Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Kerman

Kerman province is one of the oldest places on Iran's plateau with its strange geography and nature, which is located in the desert of Lut desert. According to some historians and researchers, the history of human settlements and settlements dates back to the fourth millennium BC.

Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Qeshm,Hormuz and Hengam

Nature lovers recognize the natural attractions of Qeshm, Hormuz and Hengam from the seven wonders of the world, and they believe that the existence of such a nature in the area of 1,600 square kilometers only with the word "unique" can be described.

Top rated attractions in Qeshm, Hormuz and Hengam

Qeshm-Hormuz Attractions

Top rated attractions in Yazd

Yazd Attractions

Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Yazd

The land of Yazd contains the effects of the glorious and brilliant cultural heritage and ancient civilization of Iran's various historical periods. The ancient and historical works of the survivors are scattered throughout the province of Yazd, indicating the ancient land of this land.

Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Khuzestan

One of the oldest areas of Iran's plateau which has a 9,000 years old history; moreover it has a diverse natural attractions so that attracts many tourists.Both historical and adventure, the sea and the mountains, plain and desert, pilgrimage and travel, do not differ, you will get everything you want from a trip in Khuzestan.

Top rated attractions in Khuzestan

Khuzestan Attractions

Top rated attractions in Yazd

Khorasan Attractions

Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Khorasan

Great Khorasan, the land of the sun. The great Khorasan, once the largest state in Iran, is the cradle of the great civilizations and old cultures of eastern Iran. Civilizations spread across the border between China and Turkmenistan to the proximity of Kerman and Balochistan. The Great Khorasan is the land that the sun originates from and slowly enlightens Iran.

Top Rated Natural and Historical Tourist attractions in Iran

Iran is a vast country that is famous for its four seasons at any time of the year. From the north to the south or from the east to west of the country, there is a wide variety of weather. From high mountains to deserts, from massive forests to strange springs, from seas to lagoons, from caves to waterfalls, and many other wonders in the nature of Iran. With such a wide variety throughout the year, there are plenty of places for tourism in nature of Iran.

The historical monuments of the various periods of human settlement on the Iranian plateau along with natural, landscape combined with historical monuments and religious and cultural heritage, provide a variety of motivations for visiting Iran. The ancient Iranian culture, which is depicted in the historical heritage of immortal architecture, has provided many spectacular views. Today's culture is a complete collection of the culture of the distant past and near of this land, and everyone can satisfy their curiosity in meeting this vast country, according to their taste and culture.

In this section, we will introduce the best historical and natural attractions of some of the cities and provinces of Iran.