Iran Intercity VIP Buses for Comfortabale Transportation

Why VIP Buses for Intercity?

For cities in iran where there is not much distance or for trips you want to rest until getting to the destination, VIP bus is the best competitively choice for you. Moreover there are many spectacular cities in Iran that do not have airports but are accessible by bus. The seats of this type of bus are larger than the regular bus and the chairs can be tilted up to a 140 degree angle (and in some cases more) Which makes sleep and rest more comfortable on the bus. The VIP bus seats are arranged in 2 columns, each with 3 chairs; 1 chair in a column and 2 chairs in the other column which A view of the inside and outside of the bus is shown at the bottom of the screen. A brief meal is also given to the passenger on a bus.

A map of passenger terminals in the major cities of Iran at is visible the bottom of the page. Rest assured because We choose the best VIP bus for you among the choices available.



Ticket average price for a seat is 15$. After the end of all your requests we will email invoice to you.

Sale and Discount

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If you use our airport transfer Service, you will receive $5 per bus ticket.

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Get the ticket

Any time and place in Iran that informs us, we will deliver the ticket to you.

VIP BUS intercity
VIP BUS intercity