Best Souvenirs to buy from Bushehr for tourists

Palm cheese souvenir as a thing to buy of bushehr

The lesser-known delicious souvenir of Bushehr is the palm cheese. Palm cheese which native people call it Ghap, is a crispy and white cheese that is actually the middle part of the palm tree.

Kharak souvenir as a thing to buy of bushehr

In Bushehr, the locals call the immature date palm Kharak. Baked Kharak is one of the traditional and very delicious sweets and souvenirs of Bushehr that has many fans.

Bushehri Halva snack and souvenir as a thing to eat of bushehr

Rashi Halva or Halva Ardeh is one of the traditional sweets or souvenirs of Bushehr province. Cooking of Sangak Halva is common in many parts of the Bushehr province. Peski halva is one of the most unique Halvas in Iran, and Borazjan city, in the Bushehr province is the original center of cooking this halva. Angosht Pich Halva is one of those traditional and delicious sweets that has been usually cooked in religious ceremonies since ancient times.

Mango pickles appetizer and souvenir as a thing to eat of bushehr

The pickles in the south of Iran are very tasty, unique, popular and Even are different from other parts of Iran. Meanwhile, mango pickles are very famous. In Bushehr, you can also prepare very tasty pickles, and if you look for mango pickles, one of the best places is Bushehr.

Kilim souvenir as a thing to buy of bushehr

Kilim is called to a kind of handmade carpet, the texture of which is non-abrasive; it is usually made of natural wool and is sometimes interwoven with a mixture of wool and goat hair. Kilim weaving is a women's art and is mostly seen in rural and nomadic areas of Iran.

Southern embroidered fabrics souvenir as a thing to buy of bushehr

Embroidery including Roodoozi, Zardozi or Zar-douzi, Golabetoon-doozi, Khoos-doozi (also Khous-doozi), Kameh-doozi or Kam-doozi, Badeleh-doozi, Soozan-doozi (needlework) and weaving such as Chanteh-Bafi and Shak-Bafi are other famous souvenirs of the southern provinces of Iran, Hormozgan, Bandar Abbas and Qeshm, which are also sometimes in Bushehr.

Marine handicrafts souvenir as a thing to buy of bushehr

Marine handicrafts can be considered as the most beautiful souvenirs of Hormozgan province, Bandar Abbas, Qeshm, Bushehr and other southern cities of Iran.

Pottery souvenir as a thing to buy of bushehr

Pottery in Iran has a long history. The same thing has made the pottery attractive for foreign tourists and made them as souvenirs. Cities like Lalejin, Hamadan, Meybod and Natanz are among the most famous cities in the pottery industry.To the objects made of cooked Mud, they are called pottery. The artist is the pottery maker, potter and the pottery is an industrial blend with art that leads to the production of pottery.

Southern fish and shrimp souvenir as a thing to buy of bushehr

The best fish can be found in the southern cities of Iran, which have a high diversity. Since Bandar Abbas and other seaports in the southern provinces are located next to the Persian Gulf, which is a rich source of various types of fish, shrimp and aquatic animals.

Holor souvenir and snack as a thing to buy of bushehr

Holor Cake is One of the most famous sweets baked in Qeshm Island. Holor cake is a spongy cake made from a mixture of flour, egg, sugar and vanilla. In Qeshm, most pastry shops have Holor cake.

Bread souvenir as a thing to buy of bushehr

The local breads of each region of Iran give a heavenly taste, and the taste of each bite is derived from the climate and tradition of the people of that region.

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