Rayen Castle of Kerman

The Rayen Castle(Arg) is one of the world's largest masonry buildings. This large monument with a surface area of more than twenty-two thousand square meters is the second largest brick building in the world after the Bam Castle, which hosts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists each year.

About Rayen Castle(Arg)

The most important ancient monument from the Sassanid period is the Rayen Castle(Arg), with a square plan with a total area of more than twenty-two thousand square meters and a forty four thousand square meters of living space.

Several of its towers are surrounded by magic and mysterious appearance towers that look exactly like the castle and Castle towers.

This beautiful Castle, located in Kerman province, is the second largest brick building in the world after the Bam Castle. This Castle, a valid document for the 1000 year history of the Rayen, is now attracted by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. This Castle was home to 150 years ago. One of the remarkable points about the Castle, which perhaps distinguishes it from other similar buildings, is the life of about 5,000 people in the same 150 years ago.

The Rayen Castle(Arg) is located in the southwest of the city of Rayen in the province of Kerman. This brickwork is partly up to the Arg-e Bam and is located on top of a hill.

Rayen Castle(Arg) Architecture and Features

Small castles between the bigger fortresses, where the administrative affairs were performed by the pharaohs of the city, are called the Arg.

The entire building is made of clay. And in terms of the architecture and materials of these two Args(Bam and Rayen) are the same. The castle has a pleasant climate due to the fact that it is located on the slopes of the Hezar mount at an altitude of 2200 meters. The natural and political position of this Castle has made it one of the most historical bases. The Rayen was divided into three sections: Rulers, Riches, and Popular. The construction of the gun was also carried out at the nearer times in the Rayen Castle(Arg).

As with the unique structure of all the Castle, the Rayen Castle(Arg) has a popular and rich regions, with the architectural needs of the people, including the Zurkhaneh, the House School, the Soldier's House, the Dock, the Quarantine Building, the Mosque, the storeroom, and the Stubbles. The Castle also has other sections, such as the security guard near its entrance door, and the upper part with a square hole facing downwards, which in the past controlled the guards from this point of entry and exit . In addition, at the entrance to the Castle of Rayen, there is a place for blacksmiths and people who have been engaged in the business of knitting and making metal tools.  There is a history of metalwork and mining in the Rayen, which is likely to last as long as the habitat in the area.

One of the reasons for the reputation of the Rayen Castle(Arg) of Kerman has been its metallurgical workshops. In this organ, various types of sword, guns, sugar slicers, soles, knifes, locks, knives, scissors, tongs and crowns of mourning science were produced.

The Rayen Castle(Arg) has included a school house, a dock, a soldier's house, a quarantine building and a mosque or anchor. From the sides of the observation tower, they have dominated the fort in such a way that This castle was an inseparable place.

Rayen Castle Addresses

Kerman, 100 km from Kerman to Jiroft, southwest of Kerman, Rayen Castle