Best islands and beachs and city attractions in Iran

Qeshm diving island and beach and city attraction of Qeshm-hormuz

Qeshm recreational diving by boat is one of Qeshm's most popular entertainments. The waters of Qeshm Island have become one of the most amazing sites for diving in Iran due to its beautiful water.

Kabootar dovecote city attraction of Yazd

This building has four thousand nests of pigeons and is a cylindrical and desert architecture with brick and gypsum decorations, which is designed to prevent the snakes and hunter birds from entering the tower.The outside is a circular raft with special designs, with a hexagonal arches inside, also has three floors.

Tochal telecabin city attraction of Tehran

The tochal telecabin with  about 7,500 meters length is one of the longest continuous telecabin  in the world. It starts from the Bam e Tehran, which is one of Tehran's most spectacular places. At Seventh Station, there are three ski resorts and one of the highest hotels in the world. The easiest way to go to the Tochal peak is with the Telecabin. The path that the telecabin goes has its own specialty. Seeing the mountains around Tehran and city from the top is enjoyable every season. Even if you are not in climbing or skiing, your energy will be doubled by seeing this place.

Fahadan city attraction of Yazd

The neighborhood of Fahadan takes us to the distant places of history, and many of the precious architectural houses are located in this neighborhood. The architecture of the streets and alleys of the neighborhood attracts the attention of every visitor. Neighborhood built solely from water and soil! The paths in which the pedestrians and the cyclists pass through you. Screwed alleys, some of which are known as reconciling alleys.

Milad tower city attraction of Tehran

The Milad Tower of Tehran, with a height of 435 meters, is the sixth highest telecommunication tower in the world, providing visitors with a viewing platform at a height of 280 meters, and you can see a 360-degree view of Tehran from this glass terrace. Milad Tower of Tehran, one of the attractions of the capital's tourist, has many spaces for cultural, artistic, commercial and service activities. The entertainment surrounding the Milad Tower complex is so high that it does not leave any time for people.

Zarach qanat city attraction of Yazd

The oldest and longest Qanat of the world, called Qanat Zarch, is located in Yazd province. The length of this aqueduct is 100 km and the number of wells is 2115 loops. The age of this aqueduct is more than 3 thousand years.The number of wells drilled during these three branches is estimated to be more than one thousand loops, which is unsurpassed in its kind. The Salty branch of qanat passes through the mosque of Yazd.

Lashkarabad city attraction of Khuzestan

Sleep in Lashkarabad does not make sense! Sellers are happy to invite you to the dinner table. Marinated aromas and all kinds of sauces with samosa, falafel and pineapple and aroma of tea, Arabic coffee, baklava and vegetables of sandwiches will surprise you. In Ahwaz, most people prefer the night due to the warmth of the day and prefer themselves for dinner, to this street.

Bamland city attraction of Tehran

Bamland project due to the type of space and its location near Chitgar Lake, having a private pier with beautiful views of the lake during the day, especially at sunset, as well as the presence of commercial brands, specialty restaurants and coffee shops with the international standards of serving as the most professional project Tourism is considered nationally. There is also a range of recreational activities such as fishing, watching music, hiking and cycling around the lake.

Ice house city attraction of Yazd

The Meybod Ice house is the largest clay ice house in the world, dating back to the Qajar period and possibly Safavid, is one of the few remaining glaciers in Yazd province, made of mud. Major parts of this magnificent building are: shaded walls, ice hollow, glacier and dome reservoir.