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Milad tower City attraction of Tehran

Milad tower

Milad tower City attraction

Milad tower City attraction in Tehran. The Milad Tower of Tehran, with a height of 435 meters, is the sixth highest telecommunication tower in the world, providing visitors with a viewing platform at a height of 280 meters, and you can see a 360-degree view of Tehran from this glass terrace. Milad Tower of Tehran, one of the attractions of the capital's tourist, has many spaces for cultural, artistic, commercial and service activities. The entertainment surrounding the Milad Tower complex is so high that it does not leave any time for people.

milad tower

milad tower

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Base Building of the Milad tower

Base Building of the Milad tower is 6 floors and is 17 thousand square meters. On the ground floor, the entrance and reception area of the visitors is located.

There are 6 escalators installed in this unit with a displacement of 900 people per hour and 4 elevators with a capacity of 21 people in the lobby.

Milad tower head building

This building is 12 thousand square meters in size and is built on 12 floors. Among the telecommunication towers in the world is the largest leader.

On the 12th floor, the building above the tower of Milad, is a Gonbade Aseman( dome of the sky). The glass garnish has a height of 13 meters, and the artistic work of this space has been specially designed. The evolution of Iranian art and culture can be seen in these works of art from the time of the great empires to contemporary times.

Milad Tower Addresses

Milad Tower,Shahid Hemmat Highway Entrance, Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri Highway, Tehran,

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