Tochal telecabin city attraction

Tochal telecabin city attraction of tehran and iran

The tochal telecabin with  about 7,500 meters length is one of the longest continuous telecabin  in the world. It starts from the Bam e Tehran, which is one of Tehran's most spectacular places. At Seventh Station, there are three ski resorts and one of the highest hotels in the world. The easiest way to go to the Tochal peak is with the Telecabin. The path that the telecabin goes has its own specialty. Seeing the mountains around Tehran and city from the top is enjoyable every season. Even if you are not in climbing or skiing, your energy will be doubled by seeing this place.

tochal telecabin

tochal telecabin

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About Tochal Complex

Mount Tochal is located in the Shemiranat and Velenjak districts, a mountain with 3962 meters in the Alborz mountains. The first Sports, Recreation & Wellness complex of Tochal Telecabin  Settled in Iran and starts from the end of Velenjak Street and you will arrive from the Asphalt Road that passes to the first first station of telecabin. The construction of the Resort Telecabin Complex began in 1353 by Bahman Batman Qalich, with the cooperation of two French and Austrian companies, and now operates three days a week.

The gondola lift, three lines of Chairlift and a gondola lift line, a total of 7,500 meters in length, and the longest trail line in the world. It has three ski resorts for novice and professional athletes. The seventh ski resort (Peak) starts from the bottom of the summit and reaches the end of the hotel. The seventh ski resort (the western slope), with its magnificent views of the surrounding mountains, has doubled its beauty, is 900 meters long. The ski resort of Seventh to Fifth Station also has no Chairlift , since it is a newly developed trail. Tennis clubs, paintball, skating, bow and arrows (with a total area of 1500 square meters on the health road along the health park of Bostan Health 1) and Bungee jumping (with a 40-meter jump), ten restaurants with a variety of Iranian and international dishes, from other Features of the resort's telecabin suite. A two thousand meter walk and climbing route is a good choice for those who love snowy nature.

Walk in the resort complex

If you are interested in trekking and want to enjoy the cool surroundings of the mountains and the surrounding scenery, walking in the resort is a great option for you. The walking path starting from the main parking lot of the resort complex is 2000 meters and goes to the first station of the resort's telechannel. In the middle of the route, known as the Health Routes, there are sights and promenades that multiply the pleasure of this hike.

Resort Sled | The longest sled of Iran

The sled was designed and manufactured by Wigand GmbH in 1394 with the investment of Telecabin Resort. A 1420-meter-long sled, which also has the title of the longest sled of Iran, can move up to 250 people per hour. The Resort's Sleigh Resort is certified as the most trusted European Inspection and European Standard Certificate Company, and is one of the most exciting attractions in the resort area.

Tehran roof (Bame Tehran)

The roof of Tehran(Bame Tehran) is the most famous part of the resort area of the Tochal Complex located at the highest point of the Velenjak. This place is very popular with the super-beautiful view of the capital, and has been very popular for the pleasant weather and the pleasant surroundings. A place surrounded by various chairs and joy and people, has given it a pleasant atmosphere. Of course, there are several restaurants and cafes on the roof of Tehran, which completes your tour in the resort. Here you can enjoy the silence of space on days other than the holidays, where the roof is very crowded, and keep yourself a little quiet.

Seventh ski resort

Ski complexes of Tochal, which is one of the highest skiing tracks in the world. The track starts at the bottom of the resort (3850 m) and ends with a hotel (3550 m). The length of the track is 1200 meters. Due to the presence of well-trained coaches, the track is an attractive place for ski lovers. In this trail, there is a Trail  Chairlift for ease in the commuter of the skiers. According to the height of the ski resort of Seventh Station (more than 3500 meters above sea level), along with the Sabalan Ski Resort in Azerbaijan, the first snowmobile skiing tracks in the country are available for more than eight months per year.

Advantages of Ski Resort:

  • Proximity to downtown
  • Surely the path to the track
  • It has three lines of Chairlift and a gondola lift
  • The best and most experienced ski coaches
  • Use of the beautiful and equipped resort hotel
  • Providing the best ski equipment from the ski school

Archery Club of Tochal

With a total area of 1,500 square meters, this club is located on the road of health and in front of the health park 1, which has all the necessary equipment for archery and darts shooting and a full buffet in a friendly and welcoming environment for the general public. In addition to providing archery and darts shooting opportunities for men and women of any age, the club also provides professional enthusiasts with training courses for enthusiasts in the field.

Tochal Complex Addresses

End of Chamran Highway - Yaman Ave (next to the Velenjak gas station) - End of the right street, Velenjak Ave.

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