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Khorshid palace Historical site as a historical attraction of Khorasan

Khorshid palace

Khorshid palace Historical site

Khorshid palace Historical site as a historical attraction in Mashhad of Khorasan. The Khorshid Palace or the Kalat Palace as a Historical site Attraction in Khorasan is a building that many believe is a safe haven for the jewelry of Nadir Shah, including the Koh-i-Noor and the Daria-i-Noor, The precious treasures of war spoils where to hide these jewelry is better than the intrusive building that is surrounded by blades of mountains. A building in the middle of the city of Kalat. The building of the Khorshid Palace, Kalat Naderi, has a Persian and Hindu architecture. The gardens surrounding the mansion are built in the style of Iranian gardens. In the time of Nader Shah, many artists from India came to Iran, and their most skilled ones were used to decorate the Khorshid Palace. This mansion is located in the middle of a large garden, which includes a three-story building. Its height was about 25 meters in the past.

khorshid palace

khorshid palace

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About the Khorshid Palace Tourist Attraction in Khorasan

The Khorshid Palace was originally intended for the tomb of Nader and it began with the transformation of an old monastery building. In 1160 AH, Karzai was abandoned by the killing of Nader Shah. According to archaeological studies carried out in this building, it has been determined that the building was built in two periods. In the 7th or 8th centuries AD there was a tomb tower. In Afshar period, this shell was made on the foundation of the Ilkhani monument or the remains of the monument of the Ilkhani era.

The story is that the Khorshid's mansion is a mysterious building that we do not know about everything, many have considered it a palace, many have a place to store rare precious spoils, some have been considered for the operation of a prison cell, But the existence of several tombstones with the same scheme at the same time reinforces the hypothesis of being a tomb.

Architecture of the Khorshid Palace Attraction in Khorasan

The Khorshid Palace is a three-story building; the underground floor, which is the same basement, is a dreaded and dark place, which is said to be a place to keep part of Nader Shah's jewelry or prisoners.

The second floor or floor has a large hallway and rooms in the surrounding area. The hall is decorated with the way of the Safavid buildings and is decorated with gold. And as the walls of the altar appear in the notes containing Surah al-Nabas with the date of the Nader shah death (1160 AH), Some have concluded that Nader Shah had built the Khorshid palace as his tomb. (Nardar Tomb is in the city of Mashhad (Naderi Garden), along with a statue of Nader, who is horseback riding).

The third floor is a large cylindrical dome made up of 66 semi-pillars of stone, which is unique in all monuments of Iran. From this circular dome, you can watch the beautiful garden around the palace and the general view of the city of Kalat.

The height of the palace in the past was about 25 meters, but now it is not more than 20 meters high due to the destruction of the third floor. The first floor is an 8-gauge pillar that has been erected on four rows of stairs in the form of a pyramid. The entrance of the palace is located at the octagonal sides leading to the main hall of the palace.

This palace has a total of 12 rooms, which are also decorated with paintings and stucco. Until decades ago, among these decorations, there were also pictures of Nader Shah. The beauty of this palace is in the constellation of the crenate of the building, in which the Mongolian-Indian architecture is seen. Inside rooms are decorated with paintings and embellishments. In the middle of this building, a circular rampart with half-columns like cucumbers is constructed.

Nader Shah Residence

Nader Shah Residence Includes a collection of rocky remains that is known as the Eqamatgah e Nader is located in the west of the village of Khesht, a short distance from it.

Now, from this collection, a large crescent is left, with carved gems remaining on the site indicating that the wall of the residence is like a tomb with carved gemstones.

Blue Mosque Gonbad(Gonbad e Kabud): About 200 meters east of the Khorshid Palace, is the Fourth Ivyani Mosque, which for unknown reasons, it is called "Blue dome". Cultural heritage experts believe that there might have been a tomb of the Ilkhani era, which had followed the structure of the mosque in subsequent periods.

Khorshid Palace Addresses:

Razavi, Khorasan Province, Kalat Nader, Kalat Nader Rd, Iran

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