Kashan Tabatabaei House

The bride of the houses of Iran


Architectural art, like other arts, is of particular importance to Iranians. The style of the architecture of Iranian mansions and houses is not only influenced by many factors such as: geographic location, climate diversity, customs, religious ceremonies, morale, morals, as well as: occupation, social, economic, cultural and religious status of the owners of the building Houses and houses, but also from certain architectural principles such as the human aspect of architecture, observance of the level and proportion, the use of indigenous materials, the implementation of the map, the attention to the inner part in order to preserve human dignity and ultimately follow the courtyard Is.

Iranian architects and artists also had a special care and obsession in decorating and creating beauty in the buildings, so that these talents and creations can be found on engravings on rocks, plasterings, paintings, mirrorings , The tiling and the benefits of the work done on the remaining architectures.