Golestan Palace

The Iranian-European architecture


The first time that Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar traveled to Europe, he observed the works and paintings in European museums, collecting property and court items and creating local places, such as European museums, at Golestan Palace. But the first Iranian official museum, under the direction of the Minister of the time, Morteza Gholi Khan Momtazalmolk, in 1295. He was named one of the Darfelon Dyer Schools and the "National Museum of Iran". But the smallness of this place was caused, in 1304 AD. On the orders of Reza Khan, Masoudieh's mansion belonging to Prince Massoud Mirza was considered for the museum. With the advent of discoveries and historical and historical findings, it finally came to an end on November 12, 1309. The law on the preservation of national monuments and their monitoring was approved by the government. By adopting this law, Reza Khan ordered the construction of the Museum of Ancient Iran.