Imam reza shrine tomb

Imam reza shrine tomb of khorasan and iran

This cultural and historical complex is one of the most important religious buildings of the Muslims after the Sacred Mosque and Al-Nabi Mosque. In the minds of a large part of the pilgrims, the word of the Hram(holy shrine) evokes the sacred place but actually Haram is the square space in which the mosque is located, including the dome, the tombstone, and the holy sanctuary. The Harams are connected through the porches to and from it. The Razavi Shrine is also led by the gilded doors to the quadrangle (south and east), and from the other side (north and west) through the two large porches, it is linked to the other quadrangles.

imam reza shrine

imam reza shrine

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Introducing the quadrangles(Sahn) of Imam Reza Shrine

The open spaces around the shrine are called Sahn(quadrangles). A total of 9 Sahns were built in the shrine of Imam Reza, each of which has its own special features and atmosphere. In the following introduction we introduce the quadrangles of this shrine.

The Enghelab Eslami quadrangle of Imam reza Shrine

The Enghelab Eslami quadrangle, which is the oldest and most magnificent quadrangle (Sahn) of the shrine, is the first quadrangle  of Imam Reza shrine, built during the reign of Sultan Hussein Beyghra and under the efforts of Amir Ali Shirvani in 875 AH and in the form of a rectangle in the north of Haram.

The Sahn is rectangular with dimensions of 104.5 x 64.5 meters. The steel windows, the Ishmael Golden Sagha-Khaneh and the Naqqareh-Khaneh(Timpani home) are located in this quadrangle.

The Enghelab Eslami quadrangle has four porches on its four sides, which are symmetrically placed. Each porch has inscriptions that mention the construction date.

Steel window

There is a large window on the southern side of the Enghelab Eslami quadrangle facing the Haram. Many pilgrims take pilgrimage to this place.


The Ishmael Golden Sagha-Khaneh is located in the middle of the Enghelab Eslami quadrangle and was built in 1144 or 1145. The stone rock of Sagha-khaneh was brought from Herat by Nadir Shah's orders, and Ishmael Khan made octagonal cover and dome roof for it.

Naqqareh-Khaneh (Timpani home)

The Naqqareh-Khaneh (Timpani home) is located on the eastern quadrangle. The ceremonial ceremony has been in the shrine since the mid-nineteenth century and has been closed down only from 1312 to 1320. Timpani is done minutes before sunrise and sunset every month, except for Muharram and Safar.

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is located in the quadrangle of the revolution and above the western porch and was purchased in Hamburg in 1333.

Azadi Quadrangle of the Imam Reza Shrine

The quadrangle of the Azadi of the holy shrine of Razavi, which was said in the old days to this Sahn-e No (new quadrangle), is located in the eastern part of the shrine. The building of this magnificent quadrangle on the eastern side of the shrine dates back to the reign of Fath Ali Shah in 1323 AH The Qajar began and It was decorated and completed during the period of his descendants, namely, Mohammad Shah and his son Naser-al-Din Shah Qajar and in 1282 AH, according to the order of Naser-al-Din Shah Qajar, the section of Porch also became the gilding.

Azadi Quadrangle consists of four porches

Ivan Gold

The porch, which is also known as the Babol saadat  and located on the western side of the Quadrangle . This porch was Gilded in the year 1282 by Amazdolmolk Qazvini.

North porch(Ivan)

This porch, known as Avon Sheikh Saduq, is located on the northern side of the Quadrangle .

Southern porch

This porch, called Ivan Sa’at(Clock Porch) or Babol Emameh, is located on the southern side of the Quadrangle  and is attached to Imam Khomeini's porch. On this porch there is a note that refers to the building of Azadi Quadrangle  by the command of Fath Ali Shah Qajar. Also, the Azadi Clock platform is located top of this porch.

Eastern porch

This porch, also called Babo salam or Ivan Navab, was built on the eastern side of the Quadrangle .

The Jomhouri Eslami Iran(Islamic republic of Iran) Quadrangle 

The base of the Jomhouri Eslami Quadrangle, with its basement, is 1,965 square meters and the area of the Quadrangle is about 7302 square meters and the pavilion space is about 4,622 square meters.

The Islamic Republic's Quadrangle is constructed in the form of a broken plan consisting of two rectangles. The length of the Quadrangle  is about 120 meters, the Larger rectangle is meters and the smaller rectangle is 50 meters. Four porches are built on four sides of the Quadrangle . 30 chambers and 46 booths are also on the sides of the Quadrangle . There is also a Sagha-Khaneh and  a Solar Watch and the big pond is in the middle of the Quadrangle .

It has four Porches that include the eastern porch, the north porch, the western porch, the southern porch

Golden Minaret

On the northern and southern porches there are also golden minarets that are similar to each other.

Solar Clock

A Solar Clock is located in the middle of the Jomhouri Eslami Quadrangle , Which represents the Noon Shari'a Index. The clock is made of monolithic stone and the numbers on it represent the hours before and afternoon to the horizon of Mashhad.

Qods Quadrangle  of Imam Reza shrine

The Qods Quadrangle of the Shrine of Razavi, which is another Quadrangle  of the shrine of Imam Reza, built after the great victory of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is located on the southern of shrine and after the Goharshad historical mosque.

In the middle of the Qods Quadrangle, the beautiful temple(Sagha-Khaneh) with a view like the building of Jerusalem (the first qiblah of Muslim), which In honor of the eighth Imam, its dimensions are exactly one eighth of the original dimensions of the Qods, made to preserve the name and memory of the first Muslim qiblah in the minds of the public. The Qods dome is made of gold and a water supply of sixty thousand liters of water has been installed inside it.

Qods Quadrangle with an area of 2510 square meters and 12700 square meters of infrastructure in the floors, known as the smallest Quadrangle  of the shrine.

Razavi Quadrangle  of Imam Reza shrine

The Razavi Quadrangle  with a total area of 117, 584 square meters is the largest Quadrangle  of the Imam Reza shrine, located in the south of Tomb. The length of the Quadrangle  is 363 meters and its width is 167 meters. The complex also has 55 pavilions, 6 minarets, 3 verandahs and 2 entrances. The height of the main minaret (the side of the qibla) is 70 meters and the height of the other minarets is 57 meters. The area of the eastern and western sides is 4682 and 4373 square meters.

Ghadir Quadrangle  of Imam Reza shrine

The Ghadir Quadrangle  is from the new Quadrangles of Imam Reza's shrine.

The outdoor area of the Quadrangle  is at an approximate size of 110 to 82 meters.

Ghadir Quadrangle  from the western side to the Ghadir Commercial Services Complex, which also has health services, and leads from the east side to the Jomhouri Eslami Quadrabgle.

Kowsar Quadrangle of Imam Reza Shrine

The main structure of the Quadrangle  is metal and concrete, and the facade is Kowsar, stone, brick, and mosaic tiles. The area of the Quadrangle  is calculated by calculating indoor spaces of about 14,700 square meters and an area of 10275 square meters.

Imam Reza Shrine Addresses

Khorasan Razavi, Imam Reza Boulevard, Mashhad

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