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Nader shah Tomb as a historical attraction of Khorasan

Nader shah

Nader shah Tomb

Nader shah Tomb as a historical attraction in Mashhad of Khorasan. Nader Shah Tomb is a building in the Naderi Garden Museum complex in Mashhad designed and built in memory of Nader Shah Afshar in 6 years by Houshang Seyhoun. The Tomb is located in the central part of the Nader Shah Complex, with the statue of Nader Shah on horseback along with a number of its soldiers mounted on a high volume of stone. Moreover, this complex contains two museums, One of them is the Arms Museum of different periods of Iranian history and another is the Museum of Weapons and Works of Nader Shah.

nader shah

nader shah

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Architecture of Tomb of Nader Shah

The tomb building is designed and constructed based on two square and triangle geometric shapes. The whole building was used with Mashhad stone and large pieces of stone to show the greatness of Nader Shah who had chosen Mashhad as his capital during the Afsharid period.

Nader Shah Tomb Hall is a square with two red stone walls and an open pillar section which Nader Shah tombstone is located at the corner of this square and And it has an outward view.

The statue of Nader Shah on horseback, along with some of his troops, was built over a high volume by the late sculptor Abolhassan Seddighi. Tomb materials are often made of rough and hard rock from Mashhad Mountain. The cover of the tomb also represents the nomadic tent, which is where Nader's life began and ended.

Naderi Museum

Hall 1 of Naderi Museum:

It has a variety of Afsharid weapons, equestrian devices such as saddle and horseback from the Afsharid to the Qajar era, several manuscripts including a Naderi world-history and two Nader’s swords and its walls are adorned with paintings of Nader Shah battle scenes in the Cornal war by Professor Seyyed Hossein Mir-Mosavar.

Hall 2 of Naderi Museum:

The hall was added to the collection in 1994 and In it, a variety of coins, ancient and anthropological objects, dishes and other donated items are displayed from the Safavid to the contemporary period. In addition to the objects inside the museum, the entrance to the main hall is also decorated with war ball cartridges.

About Nader Shah's death and tomb history

When Nader went to Khorasan to quell one of these riots, a group of his commanders, led by Ali Gholi Khan, attacked his tent at night and killed him. During his lifetime, Nader Shah ordered the construction of a small tomb on Mashhad Street. This small tomb was built in 1145 AH near the Chahar Bagh Shahi and in front of the shrine of Imam Reza.

Qavam al-Saltaneh built a new tomb for him in the late Qajar era (1296 AH) at the site of one of Naderi's destroyed tombs and carried his bones from Tehran to the tomb. The new building had been in place for some time before the Iranian National Monuments Association sought to build a suitable tomb for Nader Shah at the same site as Qavam al-Saltanah. This work started in 1336 AH and ended in 1342 AH. The new building of Nader Shah Afshar's tomb was reopened in April 1342 with the presence of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi at the Iranian National Monuments Association in Naderi Garden.

Tomb of Nader Shah Addresses

Khorasan Razavi- Mashhad- Northwest side of Shohada intersection (Naderi intersection)

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