Best Souvenirs to buy from East azerbaijan for tourists

Toreutics or ghalamkari souvenir as a thing to buy of east azerbaijan

Ghalamzani or Toreutics is one of the traditional arts in Iran that includes the decoration of metal objects, especially copper, gold, silver, and brass, and the artists of Ghalmazani, creating lines and motifs by pen and hammer on metal objects, create extraordinarily beautiful works. This art, with its several thousand years of history, was prevalent in the Achaemenid period and peaked in the Sasanian period. In handicrafts Shops, we find precious dishes decorated with Ghalamzani. If they are gold and silver, their price is expensive. Ghalamzani or Toreutics is cheaper on copper and can be one of the best souvenirs in Iran. Principle of Ghalamzani or Toreutics is related to Shiraz and Isfahan.

Kilim souvenir as a thing to buy of east azerbaijan

Kilim is called to a kind of handmade carpet, the texture of which is non-abrasive; it is usually made of natural wool and is sometimes interwoven with a mixture of wool and goat hair. Kilim weaving is a women's art and is mostly seen in rural and nomadic areas of Iran.

Leather souvenir as a thing to buy of east azerbaijan

Khorasan Razavi, Mashhad has been one of the leading leather manufacturers in Iran for many years. Every year it has exported many kinds of leather clothes, bags and shoes to all over the world.

Raisin souvenir as a thing to buy of east azerbaijan

Grape is a juicy fruit with soft skin that usually grows in temperate regions. There are many products of this fruit including raisins, jellies, and jams. The fruit has two types of Seedless and grainy, that are available in various colors such as black, red, yellow and green.

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