Top things to do in Fars as tourist Attractions

Vakil mosque as a historical attraction of fars

The Vakil Mosque as a Tourist Attraction is one of the most beautiful mosques in Iran, with astonishing architecture and is renowned for its beautiful Spiral Pillars, Pearl archs, Marble Minbar and is located near the Vakil Bazaar and the Vakil bathroom which you can see these two attractions as well.

Raghez or raghaz waterfall and canyon as a natural attraction of fars

Raghez Waterfalls and Canyon in Darab of Fars as Natural Tourist Attraction. Imagine the high waterfalls that sink into rock pools. Ponds that have created by the nature as a unique professional sculptor. The lush vegetation embraced in the green Raghez canyon, the sound of the passage of water, the magnificence of the walled walls and the rocks and the pebbles, and the cream and orange raghez bedriver can be called the beautiful features of the canyon.Over the course of thousands of years, the streams of water and rock have created a variety of beautiful natural architecture, each cascade or pond is different from each other, and each has its own beauty.

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