Top things to do in Golestan as tourist Attractions

Khalidnabi plain and hill as a natural attraction of golestan

The Khalid Nabi hills and Cemetery as Natural-Historical Tourist Attraction, have transformed it into something that is not like the erath. The cemetery near the shrine of Khalid Nabi is believed to be the most mysterious cemetery in Iran and is known for its strange grave.

Gonbad-e qabus historical site as a historical attraction of golestan

The mil-e Gonbad as a Historical site Attraction in Golestan province is the tallest brick tower in the world and is known as the best work of human engineering history. Gonbad Qabus is a historical monument dating back to the 4th century AH, which is located in the city of Gonbad-e-Kavos in Golestan province. The building, which is the world's tallest brick tower, is located above ground slopes that are 15 meters taller than Earth. The height is 72 meters.

golestan national park forest as a natural attraction

Golestan National Park as Natural Tourist Attraction is the oldest national park in Iran and one of the oldest national parks in the world. Golestan Forest, another name of the Golestan National Park, has been listed as one of the best and also fifty ecosystems in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1354, which is geographically located in the east of the Golestan province as well as west of the North Khorasan province. Which is one of the oldest and best national parks that has been registered, so it is one of the most valuable regions in Iran.

Miankaleh lake and wetland as a natural attraction of golestan

Miankaleh Lagoon or Wetland as Natural Tourist Attraction is an international Lagoon or Wetland and is considered one of the 12 biosphere reserves of the earth. Miankaleh Lagoon or Wetland Iran's bird-watching paradise, and rare birds from around the world can be seen in this area. Nearby are some of the most beautiful and fascinating attractions of Iranian nature such as Naz Plain, Miankaleh Peninsula, Ashooradeh Island.

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