Hotels in Iran

The hotels have many features in common and there is not much difference between one hotel in Qeshm and another in Tehran. Hotels must have special features. The proximity to the airport, the train station, the taxi station, is an advantage for some people, and for others it is an advantage to be cozy and enjoy the nature and the seaside view of the forest. Some people look at the hotel's free services for ratings, while others look at the quality of the food and hotel rooms. Summary The best from each traveler's point of view is different. Therefore, we try to provide a list of hotels for each tourist destination based on the conditions and variety of hotels in each region and city.

Eco-Friendly Hotels or Tourist Houses

In addition to hotels in Iran, there are residences called the Boomgardi houses in persian which correspond to the culture and geography of the area. This is exactly the opposite point of hotels with eco-friendly accommodation Ecotourism residences often have little resemblance to each other. The natives of each geographic region build such residences based on the conditions of construction and more importantly the culture of their region. An important issue that is always present in these resorts is the style of accommodation. Residence owners insist on having a traditional style of accommodation, as this is their most important distinction with multi-star hotels and attracts many tourists.

There are a number of hotels and accommodations in each province or city of Iran. Iranhikers is constantly reviewing them and provides a list of them for each destination.