Top things to do in Iran as tourist Attractions

Chahkooh canyon as a natural attraction of iran

Chahkooh canyon, the beauty of the art of the mountains and the sea! Two canyons perpendicular to a depth of 100 meters and walls sometimes up to 20 meters, have a beautiful view of the volumes, cavities and natural statues that stare the eyes of any viewer.

Golestan palace museum as a historical attraction of iran

A unique example of architecture and decorations which includes several museums with a variety of themes that are examples of the integration of Iranian and European architecture. Golestan Palace in Tehran as a Tourist Attraction consists of various sections and museums, including the Hall of Salam, the Mirror Hall, the Marble Tower, Khalvat Karimkhani, the Chambers, the Hall of Table House, the Brielian Hall, the Windcatcher mansion, the Diamond Hall, the Mansion of the Dormitory, the Shamsol Emareh and Abyaz Palace.

Tabatabaei house as a historical attraction of iran

The Tabatabaei House is the bride of the houses of Iran. Its flawless architecture and superbly beautiful appearance have brought it a reputation for it. The Tabatabaei House as a Tourist Attraction is one of the most valuable houses in Iran, which can be seen in that the elements of Iranian architecture and is a masterpiece of Kashan's architecture.

Dowlatabad garden as a historical attraction of iran

Dowlatabad Garden as a Tourist Attraction is one of 9 Iranian gardens, which has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has a worldwide reputation. This garden is the world's tallest Windcatcher, and architecturally very valuable. The very eye-catching space of this garden and its old building, and the entertainment facilities like coffee shops, can create moments of pleasure for you.

Naqsh-e jahan square as a historical attraction of iran

The Naqsh-e Jahan Square as a Tourist Attraction can be considered architecturally and geographically, as one of the rare monuments of the world. In Naqsh-e Jahan Square, famous monuments such as Shah Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Mansion and Qaisarie Bazaar are from the Safavid era.

Tabriz bazaar as a historical attraction of iran

The Tabriz Bazaar as a Tourist Attraction is about one square kilometer largest indoor grand bazaar in the world. The Tabriz Bazaar in July 2010, the solar arsenal has been listed as the world's first bazaar in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Factors such as the architecture of the Tabriz Bazaar, the arrangement of shops, the plenty of mini-caravans, caravans, corridors, passage, as well as the types of businesses and professions, the existence of a large number of schools and mosques, which are mostly historic, has made this bazaar a perfect example of business and Islamic and Oriental life.

Jameh mosque of yazd as a historical attraction of iran

The Jameh Mosque of Yazd as a Tourist Attraction is one of the architectural and historical masterpieces of the world, and it can be said that it has the highest minarets in the world. The monument of this mosque has been glorious for centuries, which shines beyond the history of the civilization of this land.

Borujerdiha historical house as a historical attraction of iran

The historic Borujerdi House is one of the most beautiful historic houses in Kashan, a house that is architecturally, old, ornamental and painting is one of the most exquisite historical works of the country. This house with a crescent-shaped wind-catchers on the roof reveals one of the most beautiful Iranian architectural influences.

Aghazadeh house as a historical attraction of iran

Aghazadeh Historical House of Abarkooh is one of the most beautiful historical houses in the country with a special desert architecture. Unlike most windcatchers, it has two floors and added to the beauty of this historic monument.This beautiful house with 820 square meters of land and 528 meters of underground infrastructure with traditional Iranian brick architecture is related to the Qajar era.

Red beach 0 of iran

Hormuz Red and Silver Beach as Natural Tourist Attraction. The island of Hormuz is Red shade next to blue sky. On the small island of Hormuz, what is most persistent in the minds of the coast is the beach that lets you sit next to the Gulf sea and enjoy watching the waves. This time the waves have come in red and they want to collapse all the equations in your mind. This part of the island is covered with red soil and it is also colored due to crosses with sea water. Red soil moves along the waves of the sea to and fro and adds to the beauty of the beach.

Badab soort or surt natural site as a natural attraction of iran

Here, one of the most magical springs in the world.Badab-e surt as Natural Tourist Attraction in Semnan. Imagine a pathway that has a colorful spring and one of the finest color spectra. Orange, yellow and red colors. It is interesting to know that this spring has different tastes. The surrounding countryside forms the green valleys that add to the magic of this area. Go to Badab-e Surt to see Nature's masterpiece. Badab-e Surt(Soort) has become the world's second largest Spring Saline water. You will no doubt be astonished at seeing this spring, and you can see it just after the Pam Cosmos Fountain in Turkey.There is also a very beautiful pond near the spring.

Vakil mosque as a historical attraction of iran

The Vakil Mosque as a Tourist Attraction is one of the most beautiful mosques in Iran, with astonishing architecture and is renowned for its beautiful Spiral Pillars, Pearl archs, Marble Minbar and is located near the Vakil Bazaar and the Vakil bathroom which you can see these two attractions as well.

Khalidnabi plain and hill as a natural attraction of iran

The Khalid Nabi hills and Cemetery as Natural-Historical Tourist Attraction, have transformed it into something that is not like the erath. The cemetery near the shrine of Khalid Nabi is believed to be the most mysterious cemetery in Iran and is known for its strange grave.

Qeshm diving island and beach and city attraction as a natural attraction of iran

Qeshm recreational diving by boat is one of Qeshm's most popular entertainments. The waters of Qeshm Island have become one of the most amazing sites for diving in Iran due to its beautiful water.

Damavand mountain as a natural attraction of iran

Mount Damavand as Natural Attraction in Tehran is known as the highest mountain in Iran and the Middle East, as well as the highest volcanic peak in Asia, is located in northern Iran. Mount Damavand is located in the north of Iran, in the central part of the Alborz mountain range in the south of the Caspian Sea and in the Larijan district of Amol city. This magnificent mountain is located in Mazandaran province in terms of divisions. In addition, this mountain is visible from the cities of Tehran, Qom and Varamin, as well as the Caspian Sea, during the sunny and sunny weather.

Ali sadr cave as a natural attraction of iran

Ali-Sadr One of the World largest canopy caves in the world as Natural Tourist Attraction is in Hamadan. Ali-sadr cave rocks are related to the Jurassic period from the second period of geology. So this journey took about 190 million years ago. From the entrance you pass, you will encounter a cool atmosphere and this will make you forget about the heat. The lake is clear here, so that you can see the floor. You should wear a rescue vest and ride a boat and cross the stone walls. You should continue to take a boat out of the boat. But do not worry, because you'll be riding a boat again, passing a narrow path, from where there are no more boats.

Saadabad museum and garden as a historical attraction of iran

A collection of monuments in an area of 300 hectares, in the northern and most charming part of Tehran. The Saadabad historical complex in Tehran as a Tourist Attraction is one of the most beautiful cultural and artistic collections. One of the most important museums in the palace complex of Saadabad is the Mellat Museum, the Green Museum Palace, the Omidvar Brothers Museum, the Farshchian Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Alam kuh mountain as a natural attraction of iran

Mount Alamkuh as Natural Attraction which is known as Iran's Alpine is in Gilan .A mountain range with over 160 peaks above 4000 meters, with glaciers and a modest wall in the world. Alamkuh is a mountain named with a height of 4850 meters, located in the Takht-e-Solomon area of Mazandaran province. Mount Alamkuh is the second highest peak in Iran after Damavand. Most of the reputation of this summit is due to the wall located on the northern slopes and has the most technical and hardest climbing and climbing paths in Iran. This wall in Iran has a place like K2 in the world.

Kaloot shahdad or kalut desert as a natural attraction of iran

Shahdad kaloot as natural tourist attraction of Kerman. Kalut Shahdad Desert is Special for: Named the warmest place on earth. Part of the plain of Lut is its name in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. An attractive option for deserting, especially in the fall. One of the unique natural attractions of Iran, and one can see them in less places. Some viewpoints of Shahdad kaloot (kalut) are described as supernatural, and they are considered as a sprawling space. Due to the Shahdad Desert Camp, it has good facilities. There are some emotional excitements about Safari in this area.

Fin garden as a historical attraction of iran

The beauty of the Fin Garden of Kashan has attracted the attention of experts across the borders and made their name on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Fin Garden and its collection is one of the Iranian gardens located 9 km from the center of Kashan and at the end of Amir Kabir Street. The Fin bath, which is located in this garden, is the place where Nasser al-Din Shah killed his Chancellor Amir Kabir in 1852.

Shushtar historical hydraulic system historical site as a historical attraction of iran

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System as a Historical site Attraction, a system of interconnected tunnels, waterfalls, bays, mills and large water channels that work together with great harmony and continuity and have been built in the Achaemenid to Sassanian periods for more water use.Assigning this collection to Darius the Great.

Chogha Zanbil or Ziggurat historical site as a historical attraction of iran

Ziggurat of Chogha Zanbil is an icon of Elamite art and architecture. Chogha Zanbil is one of the most prominent Religious worship in Iran, which was built in 1250 BC in the era of Elamites. The major religious buildings architecture of that era were pyramidal. Meanwhile, the oldest and most important historical structure of the water of Iran and the world called Chogha zanbil refinery is located alongside the same ancient structure.

Agha bozorg mosque as a historical attraction of iran

The Agha Bozorg mosque is one of the most magnificent Islamic buildings in Kashan, with a huge brick dome and tile minaret, is one of the most interesting historical buildings in Kashan. This collection is an example of traditional Iranian architecture, tailored to the desert climate and one of the most beautiful Islamic buildings.

Gonbad-e qabus historical site as a historical attraction of iran

The mil-e Gonbad as a Historical site Attraction in Golestan province is the tallest brick tower in the world and is known as the best work of human engineering history. Gonbad Qabus is a historical monument dating back to the 4th century AH, which is located in the city of Gonbad-e-Kavos in Golestan province. The building, which is the world's tallest brick tower, is located above ground slopes that are 15 meters taller than Earth. The height is 72 meters.

Si-o-se pol or Allahvardi Khan bridge as a historical attraction of iran

Si-o-se-pol bridge as a Tourist Attraction from the Safavid era have become a masterpiece in Iranian architecture. For over 400 years, this bridge has exhibited its beauties and stands in its place. The bridge is named the longest bridge in Zayandeh Rood.

Shazdeh garden as a historical attraction of iran

The Shazdeh Mahan Garden as a Tourist Attraction, due to the presence of the desert and the contrast between the lush environment of the garden and the dry environment outside the walls of the garden, is a special attraction for visitors and tourists, and it can be named as one of the most beautiful traditional gardens in the land of Iran. That created such a contrasting beauty. The presence of a lush garden in the heart of a desert desert where you rarely plant it as a miracle, a strange event that will surprise everyone. This masterpiece of architecture is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Shevi waterfall as a natural attraction of iran

Shevi Waterfall as Natural Tourist Attraction is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran and is considered to be one of the most unique waterfalls in the Middle East. Mountain views, pristine scenery and spectacular views are on the way to this cascade, which will double the attractiveness of your trip. This waterfall emanates from the inside of the cave and, after it comes out, flows down from high cliffs. The water of this waterfall runs through a distance from the plains and mountains and ultimately enters the lake of the Dez Dam in Khuzestan province.

Katale khor cave as a natural attraction of iran

Katalekhor Cave as natural tourist attraction located in Garmab of Zanjan province. Now imagine being with one of the most beautiful and unrivaled caves in Iran, then the wonders of the cave will double for you, and you will be surprised at any moment watching the special attractions. We want to talk about one of Iran's unrivaled caves in the name of Katale Khor Cave, located in Zanjan province. The unique features of this cave include the presence of massive calcareous columns that are the result of the combination of stalactites and calcareous stalagmites that have made this cave its own, meaning that these huge columns play a role of preserving It prevents the cave from falling.

Kerman bazaar as a historical attraction of iran

The great Kerman Bazaar as a Historical Tourist Attraction starts from the Arg square and ends with the Moshtaqiye Square. Each part of Kerman's Bazaar has been made by one of the rulers of this city and due to its unique features in Iran, it is unique and of world renown. This Bazaar is considered to be the longest Iranian bazaar and was mainly built after the eighth century AH. The Bazaar of Kerman, also known as the Ganjalikhan bazaar, is one of the most important historical and commercial centers of Kerman, with more than 60% of its historical monuments.

Atash behram mosque and fire temple as a historical attraction of iran

The fire of this fire temple has always been kept alive and is always blazing before Islam to now.The fire temple of Atash Behram (Zoroastrian Temple of Yazd) with a beautiful architecture derived from the Achaemenid architecture In the middle of the big and green courtyard with a pond in the middle and is on top and on the forehead of the mansion, the role of "Foruhar" is a manifestation.

Qeshm salt cave as a natural attraction of iran

Salt cave is not a typical cave, it is the longest saline cave in the world, which is about six and thirty kilometers wide and has a number of caves inside it. Certain teams from other countries along with Iranian teams are now exploring the cave for further exploration.

Kool khersoon or khersan valley and canyon as a natural attraction of iran

The kool khersoon(khersan) valley or Dezful's Ghost Valley a natural tourist attraction in khuzestan is more than 200 meters deep and its walls are covered with Siavoshan herbs and waterfalls and beautifully watered canyons. The entrance to kool khersoon(khersan) is covered with trees (Cedar) and palm trees, and the massive gravestones and grapevine trees and wildlife figs have made kool khersoon(khersan) look like strange valleys of movies.

Martian mountains plain and hill as a natural attraction of iran

Did you know you can see the face of Mars on Iran? Just tilt your way to the Chabahar Martian Mountains as Natural Tourist Attraction; a strange and wonderful place that invites you to a space trip. These mountains, which are also known as miniature mountains, are considered to be Chabahar sights The wonders of these mountains will increase when on the other side of the road you will have a view of the sea of Oman with a blue heaven above it and in the Martian Mountains at night, you can simultaneously observe fourteen constellations.

Dez or shahyoun lake as a natural attraction of iran

Lake of Dez dam is one of the most beautiful lakes in Iran, behind the two mountains Shadab and Tenguan, and has provided a beautiful view to the area. Lake Dez Dam, which is currently one of the fifty long world dams, has several small islands, on which a lot of trees and almonds have given a special effect to the lake, while at the same time the lake is a good place for doing water sports such as Sailing, skiing, swimming, and more.

Rageh valley and canyon as a natural attraction of iran

Geopark of Rageh canyon which is a natural attraction of Kerman, is formed due to the phenomenon of erosion in the plain of Rafsanjan with a depth of 70 meters, and the presence of numerous springs in the depth of the earth is one of the most ancient and most beautiful desert areas in the country. The 20-kilometer walk along the canyon, walking side by side, provides viewing of the effects of erosion of the soil. The cone and pillars, erosion pillars and columns, arches, and blades and striped walls with their height reaching 70 meters in some places are among the special sections of the area.

Morteza ali fountain natural site as a natural attraction of iran

The Morteza Ali Fountain and Shah Abbasi Dam as Natural-Historical Attraction in Khorasan. The hot spring of Morteza Ali, with hot and cold springs in a bedriver and alongside each other in this valley is a very phenomenal phenomenon that you will not find anything like that. Among the walls of the fountain of Morteza Ali there are very old graves belonging to the Zoroastrians who lived around here many years ago. The Arched Abbasi Dam, the world's thinnest and highest arch dam, is at the end of the path to this spring that has made this region unique in terms of tourism. There are Petroglyph of goats on path to the dam, which experts know as more than 7,000 years old.

Arg-e bam castle as a historical attraction of iran

The Arg-e Bam as a Historical Tourist Attraction, the world's largest brick building, is one of the most important and most valuable historical landmarks of Iran. The predecessors of this massive historical complex built on a large rock near Bam city in Kerman province.

National jewelry museum as a historical attraction of iran

The Iranian National Jewish Museum in Tehran as a Tourist Attraction is located in the Treasury of the Central Bank of Iran and is also used as a museum. The Iranian national jewelry collection in terms of the value of historical artistic and unique is in such a situation that even the most eager experts and assessors in the world have not been able to calculate its real or approximate value. Among them you can find the diamond of the Sea of Light, Jade Narayeri, Farah Pahlavi crown, Taj Kiani, globe Jewelry Show, Qajar Peacock throne (sun throne) and Nader throne.

Abyaneh village as a natural and cultural attraction of iran

Abyaneh is a red village 40 km northwest of Natanz, on the slopes of Karkas Mountain. Due to its native architecture and diverse historical monuments, this village is one of the exceptional villages in Iran. Abyaneh is a scenic, well-maintained, natural location that has its own culture and traditional clothes.

Uraman takht village as a natural and cultural attraction of iran

Why Uraman Takht? village as Tourist Attraction in Kurdestan with Specific architecture derived from the geographical conditions of the village, The special ritual of Pir Shalayar, performed annually in two seasons, in the spring and winter, rich culture, the local costumes of people living in this area, along with other features has brought Uraman's name to a world renown

Azadi square as a historical attraction of iran

known as Shahiyad Square before the Revolution, is the largest square in Tehran. Azadi Tower has become a symbol of Iran due to this beautiful architecture. Each section of this unique structure refers to one of the historical periods in Iran. For example, the foundations of the Achaemenid architecture, the main arch of the Sasanian architecture and the high arch of the architecture of the post-Islam period have been inspired.

Kabootar Dovecote city attraction of iran

This building has four thousand nests of pigeons and is a cylindrical and desert architecture with brick and gypsum decorations, which is designed to prevent the snakes and hunter birds from entering the tower.The outside is a circular raft with special designs, with a hexagonal arches inside, also has three floors.

Veresk bridge as a historical attraction of iran

One of the masterpieces of the Iranian Railways is the Bridge Veresk as a Tourist Attraction, which is considered to be the most important and highest railroad bridge in Northern Iran. The bridge, which has a worldwide reputation, has been named "The Bridge of Victory" in all the works published after the end of the Second World War.

Raghez or raghaz waterfall and canyon as a natural attraction of iran

Raghez Waterfalls and Canyon in Darab of Fars as Natural Tourist Attraction. Imagine the high waterfalls that sink into rock pools. Ponds that have created by the nature as a unique professional sculptor. The lush vegetation embraced in the green Raghez canyon, the sound of the passage of water, the magnificence of the walled walls and the rocks and the pebbles, and the cream and orange raghez bedriver can be called the beautiful features of the canyon.Over the course of thousands of years, the streams of water and rock have created a variety of beautiful natural architecture, each cascade or pond is different from each other, and each has its own beauty.

Tochal telecabin city attraction of iran

The tochal telecabin with  about 7,500 meters length is one of the longest continuous telecabin  in the world. It starts from the Bam e Tehran, which is one of Tehran's most spectacular places. At Seventh Station, there are three ski resorts and one of the highest hotels in the world. The easiest way to go to the Tochal peak is with the Telecabin. The path that the telecabin goes has its own specialty. Seeing the mountains around Tehran and city from the top is enjoyable every season. Even if you are not in climbing or skiing, your energy will be doubled by seeing this place.

Fahadan city attraction of iran

The neighborhood of Fahadan takes us to the distant places of history, and many of the precious architectural houses are located in this neighborhood. The architecture of the streets and alleys of the neighborhood attracts the attention of every visitor. Neighborhood built solely from water and soil! The paths in which the pedestrians and the cyclists pass through you. Screwed alleys, some of which are known as reconciling alleys.

Rasht great bazaar as a historical attraction of iran

The beautiful blend of delightful local sounds and tunes and diverse colors and flavors in the Rasht bazaar brings a sense of life and passion for travelers and passersby. In the corners of the Great Traditional Rasht Bazaar as a Tourist Attraction, you can find many effects from the beauty of folkloric culture in this lush province, which in its turn is very beautiful and attractive and can be considered one of the tourist hubs of Guilan province.

Darougheh house as a historical attraction of iran

The Darougheh Historical House as a Tourist Attraction is related to the Qajar period and is located in Mashhad, and this work has been recorded as one of the national works of Iran. This work was erected at the end of the Qajar period on the orders of Mashhad's dagger(Darougheh),Yousef Khan Herati, in an area of about 1,100m2. Mashhad's Darougheh(dagger) House is based in the traditional way of Iranian historical houses (three sides of construction), and its architectural elements, in particular the plan of two-way staircases and decoration, represent the modeling of Russian architectural designs.

Milad tower city attraction of iran

The Milad Tower of Tehran, with a height of 435 meters, is the sixth highest telecommunication tower in the world, providing visitors with a viewing platform at a height of 280 meters, and you can see a 360-degree view of Tehran from this glass terrace. Milad Tower of Tehran, one of the attractions of the capital's tourist, has many spaces for cultural, artistic, commercial and service activities. The entertainment surrounding the Milad Tower complex is so high that it does not leave any time for people.

Khayyam tomb as a historical attraction of iran

Khayyam Neyshaburi was a famous mathematician and philosopher of the fifth century, who became a poet after his death. One of his most prominent works is arranging and supervising the Iranian solar calendar. Khayyam's calculations in this regard are still valid and far more accurate than the AD calendar. Khayyam's role in solving third-order equations and his studies of Euclid's Fifth Principle have made him a prominent mathematician in the history of science. Although Khayyam's scientific base is superior to his literary status, But his reputation is more motivated by his world-famous quatrains.

Chalus road as a natural attraction of iran

Road 59 , which is most famously known as the Chalus road as Tourist Attraction, starts from the city of Karaj in the province of Alborz and ends in the city of Chalus in Mazandaran. There are various narratives about the exceptional and eye-catching of this route and its global rank. Some see this road as the most beautiful road in the world, and in another it is considered the fourth most beautiful road in the world.

Meymand village as a natural and cultural attraction of iran

Meymand Rocky Village as Tourist Attraction of Shahre Babak in Kerman Province is one of the rocky settlements in the world, where people continue to live. The village has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Meymand village Ten thousand years old paintings and six thousand-year-old pottery are some of the glowing documents that narrate the history of Meymand.

Miankaleh lake and wetland as a natural attraction of iran

Miankaleh Lagoon or Wetland as Natural Tourist Attraction is an international Lagoon or Wetland and is considered one of the 12 biosphere reserves of the earth. Miankaleh Lagoon or Wetland Iran's bird-watching paradise, and rare birds from around the world can be seen in this area. Nearby are some of the most beautiful and fascinating attractions of Iranian nature such as Naz Plain, Miankaleh Peninsula, Ashooradeh Island.

Shirz ,shirez or shiraz valley and canyon as a natural attraction of iran

The shirz canyon as natural attraction of Lorestan is enclosed with rocks and walls with a height of 150 to 200 meters and is known as the "Grand Canyon" of Iran. The natural form of the rocks and stairs of this strait has been in existence for thousands of years. The sedimentary rocks here have become interesting and unique in dealing with rainwater, wind and snow.

Shamkhal valley and canyon as a natural attraction of iran

Shamkhal Valley has unique nature with long walls and low width. The valley is about 18 kilometers long and has an estimated wall height of up to 200 meters. The valley has a gentle slope Which at its entrance a village of the same name is located in a dense residential district.

Nader shah tomb as a historical attraction of iran

Nader Shah Tomb is a building in the Naderi Garden Museum complex in Mashhad designed and built in memory of Nader Shah Afshar in 6 years by Houshang Seyhoun. The Tomb is located in the central part of the Nader Shah Complex, with the statue of Nader Shah on horseback along with a number of its soldiers mounted on a high volume of stone. Moreover, this complex contains two museums, One of them is the Arms Museum of different periods of Iranian history and another is the Museum of Weapons and Works of Nader Shah.

Nayband village as a natural and cultural attraction of iran

Nayband Village in lut desert of Khorasan as Tourist Attraction is one of the most beautiful villages in Iran, located in the southern Khorasan province and Tabas city, with its attractive architecture that attracts many tourists every year. The village of Nayband is one of the examples of staircase architecture and is named Masouleh Desert. The village looks like a green island among the desert, and it has an amazing effect.

Howz soltan lake as a natural attraction of iran

Iran's largest natural mirror Howz Soltan lake as Natural Tourist Attraction in Qom-Tehran highway is located like the great mirror in the middle of Iran, which is known as the largest natural mirror in Iran. The lake after becomes a big mirror because of its surface polish, and creates unique images.

Ferdowsi tomb as a historical attraction of iran

In the tomb of Ferdowsi, The tomb of the famous Iranian epic poet, author of the Shahnameh is located which experts in Persian poetry and literature consider him the greatest Persian poet. The legacy of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, both in terms of ancient national traditions and in terms of preserving the Dari Persian language, is The most remarkable and most precious text in the history of the Persian language and the elders have called the Shahnameh the Iranian Quran. The tomb of this great poet of the land of Iran is located in Tus city of Khorasan Razavi province. The tomb of Hakim Abu l-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi is located in the midst of a garden about 20 kilometers north of Mashhad.

Ezmeyghan village as a natural and cultural attraction of iran

Ezmeyghan Village is a natural masterpiece and one of the most beautiful villages in the central parts of Iran located in South Khorasan province. The Ezmeyghan village, located 40 km east of Tabas, is within easy reach.

Kolah farangi birjand house as a historical attraction of iran

The Kolah Farangi Citadel is one of the monuments of Birjand. The Kolah Farangi Citadel was built in the Qajar period between the ages of 1264 and 1313 AH and is currently located in the Birjand governorate. Formerly also known as the Hessam al-Dawlah Citadel, the Bibi Bride's Palace and the Arg e Sarkar. Regardless of its ziggurat form, the floor has the most complete layout and space, and the front porch has been built in front of the floor, creating a beautiful arch with several arches. Registration has been registered as one of Iran's national monuments.

Shadegan wetland as a natural attraction of iran

One of the wonders of the Shadegan wetland is the simultaneous sweet and salty water, which has brought about a great variety of biodiversity. The Shadegan wetland is a large natural replicatory center that, in addition to lagoon fish, fishes from the rivers of the bahmanshir, karun and Jarahi are also used as a suitable spawning place.

Imam reza shrine tomb as a historical attraction of iran

This cultural and historical complex is one of the most important religious buildings of the Muslims after the Sacred Mosque and Al-Nabi Mosque. In the minds of a large part of the pilgrims, the word of the Hram(holy shrine) evokes the sacred place but actually Haram is the square space in which the mosque is located, including the dome, the tombstone, and the holy sanctuary. The Harams are connected through the porches to and from it. The Razavi Shrine is also led by the gilded doors to the quadrangle (south and east), and from the other side (north and west) through the two large porches, it is linked to the other quadrangles.

Turquoise mine natural site as a natural attraction of iran

Neyshabur Turquoise Mine as Natural Tourist Attraction in Khorasan is considered the oldest turquoise mine in the world. The mine is the largest turquoise mine in terms of production, as well as the oldest active mine in the world. The mine has been active for all these 7,000 years and has been regularly extracted. Blue, Noble and Aristotle ... These are the traits that are used throughout the world for the best Iranian stone. Iranian Turquoise is well-known in the world, which is used to measure the quality of other turquoise. This gemstone is used as a scale. The oldest of the turquoise Neyshabur mine is a calf shaped like a calf, which is about 7,000 years old and is now being kept at the Museum of Ancient Iran.

Moghan cave as a natural attraction of iran

The Moghan Cave, the discovery of mysteries and its secrets and its history, has been the subject of attention by cavers in recent years. Moghan Cave is located 27 km from Mashhad city and south of Moghan village. The history of this phenomenon on the basis of available evidence and the exploration of the scum fossils on the tracks leading to the cave can be considered 100 million years ago or the second period of geology. Due to the presence of dangerous cliffs in the Moghan Cave, entering it without guidance and tools can be dangerous. This cave has two mouths. Its height is 2910 meters from the sea. Within the cave, there are stalagmites and stalactites and several wells, with a depth of one of these wells being 25 meters. There is also an abyss in the cave with a width of 35 meters, and a water pond.

Shir kuh or Taft mountain as a natural attraction of iran

Shir Kuh(Taft) peak with 4075 meters height in Yazd province, which is located in the center of Iran and is surrounded by desert on all sides. Shir Kuh Peak is one of the 1515 most prominent peaks in the world. Although it is mentioned in terms of the division of the individual mountains of Iran, it is in fact part of the central mountain range. Due to its proximity to desert, this peak has strong and dry winds on some days of the year.