Mahyaveh or Mahi Abe appetizer

Mahyaveh or Mahi Abe appetizer of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan

Mahyaveh (Mahi Abe in Farsi), the taste of small fish.It is cooked with small fish such as sardines, which are usually served as an appetizer before serving local dishes. This dish is called mahyaveh (Mahi Abe in Farsi). mahyaveh is not only eaten in southern Iran, the people of Larestan and Jahrom are also interested in this dish.



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About Mahyaveh

mahyaveh is actually a delicious blend of small fish (fried sardines), roasted barley, mustard and more. Southerners say this is the food Ibn Sina (The Iranian famous scientist) recommended to people to prevent skin diseases.

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