Mango pickles appetizer and souvenir

Mango pickles appetizer and souvenir of bushehr and hormozgan

The pickles in the south of Iran are very tasty, unique, popular and Even are different from other parts of Iran. Meanwhile, mango pickles are very famous. In Bushehr, you can also prepare very tasty pickles, and if you look for mango pickles, one of the best places is Bushehr.

Mango pickles

Mango pickles

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Mango pickles and different Types of pickles

Mango pickle is also one of the special pickles of Hormozgan that is common in Minab and Roodan. In this pickle, mango, Tamarind, turmeric, tomato paste and vinegar are used. Combine all ingredients with the vinegar and store in a closed container for a while until ready. Other delicious pickles in Bushehr include Dried lime pickle and eggplant pickle, which are abundant in Bushehr. Mango pickles can be purchased from Bushehr market. If you travel to Bushehr, don't forget the mango pickle.

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