Best Bushehr Cuisines to eat for tourists

Roasted fish , Mahi Bereshteh or Kebab Zoghali main course as a thing to eat of bushehr

Roasted or grilled fish, also known as charcoal grilled fish, is one of the most popular local foods in Hormozgan especially Qeshm Island. Roasted or grilled fish, is one of the most easily cooked and most popular kebabs.

Ghalieh Mahi main course as a thing to eat of bushehr

Persian Spicy Fish or shrimp Stew most famous in southern Iran (Hormozgan and other cities of southern Iran). Fish, a protein-rich and tasty food that is especially popular in the southern provinces due to their proximity to the Persian Gulf.

Bushehri Halva snack and souvenir as a thing to eat of bushehr

Rashi Halva or Halva Ardeh is one of the traditional sweets or souvenirs of Bushehr province. Cooking of Sangak Halva is common in many parts of the Bushehr province. Peski halva is one of the most unique Halvas in Iran, and Borazjan city, in the Bushehr province is the original center of cooking this halva. Angosht Pich Halva is one of those traditional and delicious sweets that has been usually cooked in religious ceremonies since ancient times.

Mango pickles appetizer and souvenir as a thing to eat of bushehr

The pickles in the south of Iran are very tasty, unique, popular and Even are different from other parts of Iran. Meanwhile, mango pickles are very famous. In Bushehr, you can also prepare very tasty pickles, and if you look for mango pickles, one of the best places is Bushehr.

Masghati dessert as a thing to eat of bushehr

This sweets is one of the most famous sweets and desserts in Iran. In Ramadan, as well as in the days of Nowruz and special occasions, Masghati can be a good option. Usually Masghati is known as the Lari Masghati. Masghati is one of the souvenirs of some Iranian cities like Bandar Abbas, Kazeroon, Lar and Ghorash. Starch, sugar, rose water, cardamom, oil and saffron are the ingredients used to make this pastry.

Halva ardeh snack as a thing to eat of bushehr

Halva ardeh Halvah Ardeh is a very tasty food that is consumed mostly by breakfast, and its ingredients are: Ardeh, Sugar, Eggs, Cardamom and Chubak. In the manufacture of Halvah Ardeh is used from Sesame Bryan Sayedeh, which is said to be called Liquid. In the old days, it was not sugar, it was used with dates of dates, grapes or honey.

Holor souvenir and snack as a thing to buy of bushehr

Holor Cake is One of the most famous sweets baked in Qeshm Island. Holor cake is a spongy cake made from a mixture of flour, egg, sugar and vanilla. In Qeshm, most pastry shops have Holor cake.

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