Samanu Dessert

Samanu Dessert as a thing to eat in Khorramabad and Kerman of Lorestan and Kerman. Samanu is made from fresh wheatgrass and whole wheat flour. Samanu is the symbol of power and symbol of blessing and patience in the Nowruz Haft Sin. The Samanu is delicious and sweet, but it does not add any type of sweetener. The sweet reason is the combination of wheat germ with full flour that gives it a sweet taste. The nutrients and vitamins found in wheat and its buds have a high nutritional value.



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About Samanu info

This miracle dessert was baked in many parts of the Iranian plateau three thousand years ago and the surrounding lands taught how to cook it from Iranians. Samnu has a unique nutritional value that is known as the Health Excellence and Food Miracle.

Samanu's cooking at a ceremony called Samanu Pazan, usually starting from a week before Nowruz, continues at the ceremony until the end of the year.

The Samanu are similar to a popular pudding in Finland and Sweden. Most of this dessert is used for pregnant women, children and the elderly.

This delicious food is full of fiber. This low-calorie and fat-free diet is considered to be the best diet for patients.

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