Tomoshi , Tomooshi or Tomshi dessert

Tomoshi , Tomooshi or Tomshi dessert of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan

Tomoshi (Tomshi) bread is one of the popular foods and desserts of the people of Hormozgan and other provinces that Hormozganis cook this very thin local bread with a special sauce. In Qeshm, more than 20 types of local bread are cooked.



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About Tomoshi

The most common Ingredients of these breads are flour, oil and sugar, one of the most famous and special bread is Tomoshi (Tomshi) bread. This snack is usually cooked by local artists women on the island. Among the local dishes, Qeshm has a wide variety of breads; to cook the bread, first heat the pan well, then mix the flour with water and take a piece of dough by hand and spread a thin layer on the pan. They pour cheese or eggs on it and when is prepared, eat with a sauce made from fish, salt, mustard, coriander, and fennel which is called mahyaveh (Mahi Abe in Farsi) sauce. In addition, this bread can also be served with a sauce called Soragh, which is famous in southern Iran. Soragh (or Soorakh- vali che esme zayeyie khodayi ;) be nazaram hamoon soragh bezari behtare) is a sauce made from a mixture of sardine (a kind of fish), water, salt, roses and sour orange peel and is eaten with local breads. Qeshm has many loaves of bread that are the cheapest and most traditional foods in this island, sold in the island's native neighborhoods. Interestingly, the edible red soil of this island is used as a spice to cook some of these breads. They can be eaten as a breakfast or snack on your trip. You can buy these delicious bread as souvenirs while traveling to the area.

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