Best Hormozgan Cuisines to eat for tourists

Roasted fish , Mahi Bereshteh or Kebab Zoghali main course as a thing to eat of hormozgan

Roasted or grilled fish, also known as charcoal grilled fish, is one of the most popular local foods in Hormozgan especially Qeshm Island. Roasted or grilled fish, is one of the most easily cooked and most popular kebabs.

Ghalieh Mahi main course as a thing to eat of hormozgan

Persian Spicy Fish or shrimp Stew most famous in southern Iran (Hormozgan and other cities of southern Iran). Fish, a protein-rich and tasty food that is especially popular in the southern provinces due to their proximity to the Persian Gulf.

Ankas or squid main course as a thing to eat of hormozgan

Ankas or Squid is one of the southern seafood's favorite fish that is always used in Qeshm dishes. Ankas is another name for squid, which is served as one of the traditional dishes of Qeshm.

Puddini Koose , shark or Flounder main course as a thing to eat of hormozgan

Puddini Koose ( shark or Flounder) of Hormozgan province especially Qeshm. One of the fish caught by southern fishermen is the shark. In the south of our country delicious shark cooks. One of Qeshm's most popular local dishes is Puddini Koose, which can be found on the island's seafood menu. You will find shark in almost all southern restaurants and fast food.

Mango pickles appetizer and souvenir as a thing to eat of hormozgan

The pickles in the south of Iran are very tasty, unique, popular and Even are different from other parts of Iran. Meanwhile, mango pickles are very famous. In Bushehr, you can also prepare very tasty pickles, and if you look for mango pickles, one of the best places is Bushehr.

Tomoshi , Tomooshi or Tomshi dessert as a thing to eat of hormozgan

Tomoshi (Tomshi) bread is one of the popular foods and desserts of the people of Hormozgan and other provinces that Hormozganis cook this very thin local bread with a special sauce. In Qeshm, more than 20 types of local bread are cooked.

Dishow or Polow Shirin main course as a thing to eat of hormozgan

Berenje Dishow or Polow Shirin (Dishow rice) local food of Hormozgan and Qeshm. Dishow means palm sap and Berenje Dishow ( Polow Shirin) is one of the local dishes of Hormozgan province, especially Qeshm.

Havari , Hawarii or Hawaree main course as a thing to eat of hormozgan

Havari (Hawarii- Hawaree) (fish or Shrimp) Hormozgan, especially Qeshm and Bandar Abbas. Hormozgan province, like other southern provinces of the country, is one of the most popular provinces in the food variety, especially seafood. It is natural that most of the local foods of Hormozgan be prepared with fish because the proximity to the sea has caused the natives to use fish and other aquatic products which are also beneficial for the health of body.

Zebon or Tahchin main course as a thing to eat of hormozgan

Zebon (Tah-chin), Tasty dish in Qeshm, Hormozgan. Zebon (Tah-chin) is very popular in Hormozgan,especially Qeshm because of its popularity with fried potatoes. Like most Southern dishes, fish are used in this dish. One of the main features of Qeshm foods is the aroma of vegetables that you can easily feel in most foods. Potatoes and fried fish make this dish very tasty.

Moflak main course as a thing to eat of hormozgan

As you know, Southern chefs cook all kinds of fish with skill. Moflak is another food made from wheat and fish.

Mahyaveh or Mahi Abe appetizer as a thing to eat of hormozgan

mahyaveh (Mahi Abe in Farsi), the taste of small fish.It is cooked with small fish such as sardines, which are usually served as an appetizer before serving local dishes. This dish is called mahyaveh (Mahi Abe in Farsi). mahyaveh is not only eaten in southern Iran, the people of Larestan and Jahrom are also interested in this dish.

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