Best Iran Cuisines to eat for tourists

Fesenjan main course as a thing to eat of iran

This delicious stew, with its sour and sweet taste, has been the most popular Iranian food on the food republic. This stew made from walnut, pomegranate, sugar, chicken or minced meat is one of the most delicious Iranian cuisines.

Khoresh bademjan main course as a thing to eat of iran

Khoresh-e Bademjan is one of the most popular cuisines in Iran. Almost everyone likes the unique taste of eggplants. This delicious stew cooked with fried eggplants along with tomatoes and meat is served with rice and with grilled vegetables, which undoubtedly inspired anyone to taste it once.

Ghormeh-sabzi main course as a thing to eat of iran

This genuine Iranian stew is one of the most delicious dishes in Iran. It has a unique flavor, and is made up of red beans, vegetable stew, meat and lemon juice and served with Iranian rice. It Freshly cooking, Preparation has procedures and style, and not everyone can.

Baklava snack as a thing to eat of iran

Baklava is one of the most popular and delicious sweets in Iran, Turkey and some Arab countries. The base of this delicious dessert is dough, which is filled in with a variety of brains such as walnuts, pistachios, almonds, and ready to be served with Baklava nectar. The contents of Baklava may vary according to the region in which they are made. Iranian Baklava, served as a dessert at parties and parties, is offered in Yazd, Qazvin and Tabriz cities with a unique flavor. And it can be the souvenir of these ancient and great cities. Due to the proximity of Tabriz to Turkey, The Baklava in Tabriz is one of the oldest types of Iranian baklava. This candy is very popular during the holy month of Ramadan in Tabriz.

Dizi main course as a thing to eat of iran

Dizi, also called the Abgoosht, is one of the most authentic Iranian cuisines. Cook mutton with beans and potatoes, and sometimes tomatoes to cook so much. Then they will eat it with Sangak bread, vegetables, dough and onion.

Qurabiya snack as a thing to eat of iran

Qurabiya is a local pastry, chamber and lovely that has many fans in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Zanjan, Qazvin and many other countries. Qurabiya is a sweet, which is mainly made with almonds, sugar and eggs, and is full of pistachios and almonds, and is known for its expensive sweets and chambermaids. Generally, these sweets are known as the Qarabiya of Tabriz or Turkey. Although it is not a specialty of Tabriz and is popular in all cities. Qurabiya have different types of walnuts and coconut.

Tahchin main course as a thing to eat of iran

The Tahchin is one of the most delicious Iranian cuisine that has a very stylish and charming appearance. It is interesting to know that foreigners call theTahchin, Iranian Cake for their beautiful appearance. The Tahchin is made simple with chicken, meat, eggplant and ... But the Tahchin of the chicken is more famous.

Kookoo sabzi main course as a thing to eat of iran

Kookoo Sabzi is a genuine Iranian cuisine. Kookoo Sabzi is one of the foods that are used throughout the year and in the New Year, with nutritious vegetables and nutmeg and other ingredients. In the preparation of Kookoo Sabzi, you must grind Kookoo vegetables, namely turkey, parsley, coriander and dill, add some little onions and a few eggs and salt and pepper, and then cut them. If you like Kookoo Sabzi to taste a bit more, you can add some Barberry to it. If the crushed walnut is added to Kookoo Sabzi, It'll be delicious too.

Gaz nougat snack as a thing to eat of iran

These sweets in Iran have at least two very good types, one of which is the product of Isfahan and the other is the product of Tabriz. Gaz Sweet, famous and traditional snacks are main souvenirs of Isfahan, also produced in Hamedan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Kerman, Fars and Yazd. Eggs, almonds, pistachios, and pearls are used to make Gaz Nougat or Luca is one of the most delicious and delicious sweets in the city of Tabriz, from the Gaz family. The ingredients are: egg whites, sugar, walnuts, vanilla and .... In some cases, Mecao Bread is also used to make it. In Tabriz, this special type of pastry is for joy and celebration.

Dolma main course as a thing to eat of iran

Dolma have different types, and grape leaves Dolma, tomato Dolma, eggplant and sweet pepper Dolma among them are the most famous ones. Grape leaves Dolma is more popular, and many Iranians in the spring produce Dolma from fresh, sour and tasty leaves of grapes. Dolma is one of the local cuisines in the provinces of West and East Azerbaijan, however, today this delicious dish is cooked all over Iran. Stuffed ingredients are a mixture of minced meat, sweet vegetables, onions, cotyledons and etc.

Tokhm sharbati drink as a thing to eat of iran

Tokhm-e Sharbati(Seeds of a local type Basil) Juice has traditionally been used as a traditional drink among Iranian people, which is very effective in maintaining thirst and balance in order to keep the blood pressure and lean.

Saffron ice cream dessert as a thing to eat of iran

Saffron ice cream from its bright, colorful color to its pleasant smell It sounds like a spring spirit. Enjoying the Iranian ice cream is an experience that is memorable and its flavor will make it the world's most delicious ice cream dessert. The cnn travel website in its most recent New Year article introduces 50 delicious and popular desserts that Saffron ice cream is one of them.

Ash reshteh main course as a thing to eat of iran

Ash e Reshteh is a kind of thick soup with a dense of noodle, a delicious blend of beans and legumes and aromatic and leafy vegetables like spinach leaves and beets. Before the serve, they decorate it with hot onion, hot mint and whey. Whey is a similar substance to thick dough that is produced in Central Asia. To make hot onions and hot mint, it is enough to separate them in hot oil, a little fry. Ash e Reshteh has been linked to the culture and life of the Iranian people since ancient times, and many, before their long familiar journey, provided this meal to their traveler, to be a symbol of good humor and goodwill for the healthy return of the traveler. On the other hand, because of the valuable Foodstuffs that are considered as auspicious and happy in Iranian culture, they also cook the Ash e Reshteh in the Nowruz and New Year's Eve celebrations of Iranians.

Khakshir drink as a thing to eat of iran

Khakshir Juice is one of the best traditional Iranian beverages, which is consumed more often in summer and It is consumed coolly. This juice is made up of a combination of water, Descurainia sophia, sugar, rose water and ice. Some also sip lemon juice. You can also use honey instead of sugar.

Qottab snack and souvenir as a thing to eat of iran

Qottab Snack and Souvenir as a thing to eat in Yazd and Kerman. One of the most famous Persian cuisines is Mirza Ghasemi's North Food, which is considered an Iranian vegetarian cuisine. To prepare Mirza Ghassemi, grilled eggplant mix with garlic and crushed tomatoes should be blended to make tomatoes and garlic, complete with eggplants. Add the egg and mix the ingredients until the whole egg is spread and cooked.

Sholezard dessert as a thing to eat of iran

The Sholezard is one of the ritual foods of Iran, which is cooked, especially as a religious mourning day, Cooked as a vow, and distributed it to neighbors. Sholezard is a traditional Iranian dessert that originates in Kerman province and is cooked and distributed in some festivals and mourning places. Sholezard, have yellow color due to the saffron and pour on cinnamon, almonds and pistachios on it. It is generally cooked in one way, and is especially used in Ramadan for iftar.

Kebab main course as a thing to eat of iran

Iranian barbecues are more diverse than you imagine. First of all, we go to Kebab koobideh, grilled beef with red meat, chopped onions and salt and pepper. It may seem simple, but its taste is unique. After that, the Kebab Barg you ahead with a thin layer of lamb or cow, with lemon juice, onions, saffron and butter. Grilled chicken, now burning on fire after laying chicken meat in lemon juice and saffron. If you're very fortunate,you can get to Jegaraki and eat some liver with fresh basil and lemon juice.

Sohan snack as a thing to eat of iran

Qom Sohan is one of the most delicious Iranian sweets that is usually served as an evening with tea. Sohan, the main souvenir of Qom and the most diverse Sohans can be found in this city. Sohan is a traditional pastry made from a mixture of wheat flour, malt, sugar and oil, and has a very light and brownish texture.

Sabzi khordan appetizer as a thing to eat of iran

It is impossible to eat Iranian food and do not have a cup of fresh vegetables along with food. In this container of vegetables such as tarragon, mint, basil, coriander with radishes, onions and walnuts, along with white feta cheese. Eating is simple! Just remove the slice of bread, add some green and some cheese to it, and, like a regular sandwich, cook it and then do it. The vegetable dish stays on the table all the time, and you can use it during meals. Both fresh and dried vegetables are found in Iranian food culture. For example, in the traditional Iranian New Year's Eve dishes, vegetables cooked with dried herbs are among them.

Sekanjabin drink as a thing to eat of iran

Sekanjabin juice is an original iranian juice that has a lot of fans. This juice is usually flavored with water, which is very tasty and Good aroma.

Faloodeh dessert as a thing to eat of iran

Faloodeh or Paloodeh from Iranian Desserts. In fact, Faloodeh is an old ice cream dessert that is made up of thin strands of starch in a mixture of water, ice and sugar. Faloodeh of Shiraz, Kerman and Yazd are the most well-known of that which Shiraz Faloodeh type is usually eaten with a condiment such as lemon juice, Nastaran sweets or juice, but mix and eat Kermani Faloodeh with rose water and mint.

Firni dessert as a thing to eat of iran

Firni are cooked in a variety of ways, which is a Firni with rice flour and Firni with starch the most famous of it. Of course porridge is a tasty food for children. Firni can be used as a sweet snack. Firni is one of the most famous and popular Persian Iftars that is being prepared in Ramadan. Served in both warm and cold form, each with its own fan. To sweeten this dessert, you can use grape jams or juice instead of sugar.

Doogh drink as a thing to eat of iran

One of the most popular Iranian beverages found on most tables is Doogh. Doogh is a popular drink that has traditionally been obtained from yogurt in the process of butter production. The sweet type of Doogh is mostly due to the addition of materials such as rose water, mango or lemon, and the sour type is yoghurt, water, salt and pepper, which can be added to fresh vegetables such as mint and pineapple. Its color should be white to Milky white, with a special flavor and no foreign flavor.

Kolompeh snack and souvenir as a thing to eat of iran

Kolompeh are a special type of sweets that are cooked in Kerman. This Special sweets has a special composition and the main ingredients are dates, flour, spices and oil. The Kolompeh is shaped like a muffin, except that there are dates in it. The walnut Kolompeh, is one of the most delicious types of Kolompeh. Kerman's Kolompeh can be kept in closed containers for a long time because of their dryness.

Kufteh tabrizi main course as a thing to eat of iran

Kufteh Tabrizi is one of the most delicious dishes of the Azerbaijani region, which is not only limited to its popularity in this region. But Kufteh Tabrizi is one of the most famous and delicious ones. Kufteh Tabrizi are made from meat, split peas and vegetables, and boiled egg, plum, walnut, hot onion and barberry are added to the meatballs.

Falafel main course as a thing to eat of iran

To make Falafel, peas should be placed in water for several hours, Until the Bloating is resolved and soft. Then crush the nuts, of course, they should not be very crushed. After crushing, add parsley and garlic and grated onion to the ingredients and mix, Add a little Chickpea flour and a few eggs to your stuff and make a dough so that a smooth dough is created. Now you just need to foggles and fry.

Kachi dessert as a thing to eat of iran

Kachi is one of the original and old desserts, has a very soft and delicate texture and is cooked everywhere in Iran, with some changes. This delicious Iranian dessert is seen both in the table of joy and happiness. Kachi is made with flour, sugar, rose water, butter, oil and saffron. Kachi was cooked with a lot of animal oil in the past. Kachi is also can be made with rice flour.

Pashmak snack as a thing to eat of iran

Pashmak or Cotton candy is one of Yazd delicious sweets that has many fans. It is available in pink, white, yellow, brown colors. It is made of sugar, flour, oil and cardamom. The process of making this type of sweets is very interesting.

Posht zik or sohan konjedi snack as a thing to eat of iran

Sohan Konjedi or Posht Zik Posht Zik or Sohan Konjedi is a local sweet dessert which belongs to the old Mazandaran or Mazandaran and the present Golestan province. This dessert is good for kids and athletics especially the honey version. It is rich in energy that is made with sesame and sugar. The reason for its name is because of a bird named Zik whose habitat is in northern Iran and the color of the wings is exactly like this sweetness. It's easy to make it.

Kookoo sibzamini main course as a thing to eat of iran

Kookoo Sibzamini can be cooked in two ways, one with uncooked-potatoes and another cooked-potato method, usually cooked with cooked potatoes, but its uncooked-potatoes kind is very tasty and delicious. However, to cook Kookoo Sibzamini,you have to grate potatoes. If you use uncooked-potatoes, be sure to grate the potatoes and remove its water for not sticking the kookoo to the pan. Add a medium bulb and add ingredients. Now add salt, pepper and turmeric and eggs and pour the ingredients into the frying pan.

Damnoosh drink as a thing to eat of iran

Damnoosh is a type of drinks in which some of the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, seeds, skin of the fruit or other components of medicinal plants that are soluble in water, are used dry or fresh. Stew or extracting water is the most common and oldest method of applying herbal medicines.

Fuman cookie snack and souvenir as a thing to eat of iran

Fuman Cookie is composed of two layers. The inside layer is different from the outer layer and contains the walnut, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, sugar and oil (animal). On the cookie is decorated with a stamp. This cookie is cooked in the oven.

Masghati dessert as a thing to eat of iran

This sweets is one of the most famous sweets and desserts in Iran. In Ramadan, as well as in the days of Nowruz and special occasions, Masghati can be a good option. Usually Masghati is known as the Lari Masghati. Masghati is one of the souvenirs of some Iranian cities like Bandar Abbas, Kazeroon, Lar and Ghorash. Starch, sugar, rose water, cardamom, oil and saffron are the ingredients used to make this pastry.

Lemonade drink as a thing to eat of iran

The lemon Juice is one of the delicious and charming beverages that has many properties. This delicious summer drink is very supportive to deal thirst, and this delicious drink can easily be made at home to cater to the guests. Lemon juice and honey are both excellent for the health of the immune system and rich in antioxidants. When the lime is consumed with water, the natural ingredients in the sour lime juice can improve the quality of the skin and prevent it from aging. Lime juice reduces blood sugar.

Nan berenji snack as a thing to eat of iran

Nan Berenji is one of the famous and very popular sweets in the city of Kermanshah, which is also known as souvenirs of this city. Nan Berenji was previously considered one of the most important gifts for Nowruz. This authentic and very tasty pastry is pleasant to all the taste and the aroma of the Nan Berenji, tempting in the traditional Bazaars of Kermanshah is always appreciated.

Saffron juice drink as a thing to eat of iran

Saffron juice is a very colorful juice that is popular in some parts of Iran, including Khorasan. Saffron Juice is one of the most delicious Iranian juices that can be prepared and welcomed by guests at the celebration. Research shows that saffron juice can be used to relieve insomnia that originates from brain stimulation. Saffron juice also makes digestion easier. Because of the effect of anesthetizing on the pulmonary nerves, saffron is a chronic cough in the bronchitis, and is also very effective in treating seizures and toothache.

Sour cherry drink as a thing to eat of iran

Sour Cherry juice is one of the most delicious Iranian juices. Sour Cherry Juice "is one of the oldest grandmothers' tricks for treating heat stroke on hot summer days. This is while the sour cherries, fresh or in juice and even sour cherries rice, have long since been recommended for the treatment of heat during the summer.

Kashk bademjan appetizer as a thing to eat of iran

The Kashk e Bademjan is also a Persian Cuisine that you can eat in a vegan diet. To prepare the Kashk e Bademjan first add the onion, then add some grated garlic to the onion and add, then add the mint and add a bit of it and remove the material from the gas. Now add grilled eggplant on a frying pan and with oil, add the hot onion that you have prepared to the eggplant, then turn it on. Boil the whey in advance, then add the ingredients. Let it be dry, then turn off the stove.

Nan khormaei snack as a thing to eat of iran

Nan khormaei is a cookie made from dates, wheat flour, sugar, Kermanshahi oil, saffron, water, rose water, and eggs, and is souvenir in Kermanshah. Nan Khormaei is made without sugar and its sweet taste is due to the presence of nectar of dates and pieces of dates inside it.

Bidmeshk drink as a thing to eat of iran

This Bidmeshk juice, which has high drug properties, is cheerful and refreshing and has a significant effect on gastrointestinal enhancement. Bidmeshk juice is one of the traditional drinks with high medicinal properties, Of its types simple Bidmeshk juice, Bidmesh Khakshir, Bidmeshk Tokhmsharbati and Bidmeshk with rose water can be called. Bidmeshk juice contains a variety of vitamins A, C, E, B vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, phosphorus, iron, antioxidants such as flavonoids, sodium, potassium, protein, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium , Acetic acid, tryptophan, copper, folic acid and citric acid.

Yatimcheh main course as a thing to eat of iran

An Iranian vegetarian food that is so easy is Yatimcheh. To make the Yatimcheh, you must grind eggplants in a cube and mix with garlic and fried onions in pan to give it a brown color. Now add the grated tomatoes, salt and pepper, and pour some of the water into the pan and let it cook.

Eris , Ris or Soot snack as a thing to eat of iran

Eris, Ris or soot is one of the traditional Tabriz sweets that has been around for centuries. These sweets are presented in various forms with different compositions of each Iranian taste and in different packaging. Eris is available in milk, sugar, vanilla, pistachio, cocoa saffron types. Although Eris is a very delicious sweets, but her sweetness is so high that it is better to be eaten with tea or hot drinks.

Samanu dessert as a thing to eat of iran

Samanu is made from fresh wheatgrass and whole wheat flour. Samanu is the symbol of power and symbol of blessing and patience in the Nowruz Haft Sin. The Samanu is delicious and sweet, but it does not add any type of sweetener. The sweet reason is the combination of wheat germ with full flour that gives it a sweet taste. The nutrients and vitamins found in wheat and its buds have a high nutritional value.

Nokhodchi snack as a thing to eat of iran

Nokhodchi is one of the delicious sweets of Qazvini, the main ingredients of which are chickpea flour. The secret to baking this candy is just the use of peanut butter flour. You do not even need any special tools.

Halva ardeh snack as a thing to eat of iran

Halva ardeh Halvah Ardeh is a very tasty food that is consumed mostly by breakfast, and its ingredients are: Ardeh, Sugar, Eggs, Cardamom and Chubak. In the manufacture of Halvah Ardeh is used from Sesame Bryan Sayedeh, which is said to be called Liquid. In the old days, it was not sugar, it was used with dates of dates, grapes or honey.

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