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Khorasan Most Popular food and cuisines

Best Khorasan Cuisines to eat for tourists

Kebab main course as a thing to eat of Khorasan

Iranian barbecues are more diverse than you imagine. First of all, we go to Kebab koobideh, grilled beef with red meat, chopped onions and salt and pepper. It may seem simple, but its taste is unique. After that, the Kebab Barg you ahead with a thin layer of lamb or cow, with lemon juice, onions, saffron and butter. Grilled chicken, now burning on fire after laying chicken meat in lemon juice and saffron. If you're very fortunate,you can get to Jegaraki and eat some liver with fresh basil and lemon juice.

Shole main course as a thing to eat of Khorasan

Mashhad Shole, known only as Shole in Mashhad, is a food from the Ash family. The main ingredients of this dish are plenty of meat, beans and spices, which can be added to some of the cow bone kernel to make it tasty.

Digcheh dessert as a thing to eat of Khorasan

Mashhadi's Digcheh is a delicious, traditional and local dessert for the city of Mashhad. Digcheh , an occasionally dessert, and it is also known as a popular vow during Ramadan, Muharram.

Kachi dessert as a thing to eat of Khorasan

Kachi is one of the original and old desserts, has a very soft and delicate texture and is cooked everywhere in Iran, with some changes. This delicious Iranian dessert is seen both in the table of joy and happiness. Kachi is made with flour, sugar, rose water, butter, oil and saffron. Kachi was cooked with a lot of animal oil in the past. Kachi is also can be made with rice flour.

Ash mast main course as a thing to eat of Khorasan

Ash Mast(Yoghurt) Sabzevar is one of the traditional dishes in Khorasan which is usually eaten with other foods such as Coco. Ash Mast(Yoghurt) Sabzevar is one of those foods that are cooked and distributed on religious occasions as a vow meal.

Nargesi main course as a thing to eat of Khorasan

Vegetarian Nargesi is simple and easy to make. Steam the spinach to prepare Nergesi. Then mix it with onions and fried garlic, Add a bit of salt and pepper and add a few eggs to the spinach and let them get it. Simply

Jooshvareh or jooshpareh main course as a thing to eat of Khorasan

Jooshvareh Ash or Jooshpareh is ash that is made in Khorasan, especially in Razavi and South Khorasan by cooking samosa with beans and spices in water and does not need meat.

Ash shalgham main course as a thing to eat of Khorasan

The land of Khorasan is distinguished for its variety of Ash, whether made with greens or with meat and spaghetti. Ash Shalgham(turnip) is one of the local Ashes of south Khorasan and of course one of the most common Ashes in Iran that has many therapeutic and medicinal uses.

Eshkeneh or Abgarmo main course as a thing to eat of Khorasan

Eshkeneh is also one of the foods cooked all over Iran. But due to its different style of cooking in Kerman, it is the local cuisine of this city. Kerman Eshkeneh or Abgarmo is a kind of local food in the province that is cooked in various ways throughout the country.

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