About Main Courses of Iranian Cuisines

Due to ethnic, cultural and climatic diversity in Iran, there is a huge diversity of food and every region has its own native and specialty food. Wherever you are in Iran, what you will never miss is gourmet and delicious food. The unique taste of Iranian cuisine and its variety, not only for Iranian people inside the country, but also for foreign tourists who are looking for a new and different taste, is also very attractive.

Food, in addition to being the first and most important human need, represents the culture and customs of each climate. All countries have their own traditional cuisine according to their taste and culture. Traditional foods are often healthy foods and the secret of healthy is because these foods are in fresh ingredients as well as the sweet vegetables that are used to prepare such foods.

Foods such as Ghormeh Sabzi,, Fesenjan, Kebab, as well as Dizi and etc are some of the most famous Iranian cuisines that are popular on the international level.

Tasting a variety of flavors, from sour to sweet, as well as sweet-and-sour, gives us all pleasure. Tasting these different flavors is attractive for tourism in different regions. Iran is full of areas where you can taste a variety of flavors. These different flavors have become attractive to tourism.

In the following, we present a list of the main Iranian cuisines