Ash mast main course

Ash mast main course of khorasan

Ash Mast(Yoghurt) Sabzevar is one of the traditional dishes in Khorasan which is usually eaten with other foods such as Coco. Ash Mast(Yoghurt) Sabzevar is one of those foods that are cooked and distributed on religious occasions as a vow meal.

ash mast

ash mast

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Ingredients for Ash Mast(Yoghurt) Sabzevar preparation:

  • 1kg yogurt should taste better. 1Kg Reshteh of Ash.
  • Spinach and chopped leeks / 1 kg more spinach
  • Chopped leeks to taste yogurt / 7 to 8 tbsp
  • Freshly minted mint to taste
  • yogurt 3 tablespoons Crushed garlics desired
  • Raw pepper crushed as desired
  • Red pepper as desired
  • Salt  as desired

How to Make Ash Mast(Yoghurt) Sabzevar :

  • After boiling water, pour the chopped greens into the pot to boil a few.
  • Add a thin Reshteh(not thick to be used for whey) to boil.
  • After baking, remove from oven and leave to cool.
  • Mix the yogurt with fresh chopped onion, fresh mint, garlic and red pepper and mix thoroughly to open the yogurt. he does.
  • After reducing the water, add the yogurt to the Ash Mast(Yoghurt) Sabzevar .
  • And serve in the right container.

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