Ash shalgham main course

Ash shalgham main course of khorasan

The land of Khorasan is distinguished for its variety of Ash, whether made with greens or with meat and spaghetti. Ash Shalgham(turnip) is one of the local Ashes of south Khorasan and of course one of the most common Ashes in Iran that has many therapeutic and medicinal uses.

ash shalgham

ash shalgham

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About Ash Shalgham(turnip)

One of the varied Ashes cooked in the city of Birjand is Ash Shalgham(turnip), which has become one of the main dishes of Birjand. Turnip as one of the main raw materials of this ash, it adds to its nutritional value and you can even go to the cold war by eating this Ash Shalgham(turnip) in cold weather. Of course, not only does it make up the turnip, the Birjandi add in addition to turnip, rice, minced meat, onions and cotyledons, the same ingredients that make it a perfect meal. Each city's local cuisine is somehow part of that city's culture, and getting to know these foods can provide interesting information about each place.

ingredients of Ash Shalgham(turnip):

  • Chopped turnip 500 gr
  • Lentil or mung bean,
  • half a cup Salt,
  • pepper and turmeric to the extent necessary
  • Half a cup of rice
  • A large chopped onion Spinach,
  • coriander,
  • leeks and parsley 350 gr
  • Juice or stew meat 10 cup.

Recipe of Ash Shalgham(turnip) :

Bake the grated onion in a suitable skillet with a little oil until golden. Then stir in a little turmeric and add the pre-washed lentils or mung beans to the pot and cook over high heat until the water boils and then reduce the flame to a gentle simmer. When you are nearing the last step of cooking the lentils, add the rice and stir a little. Let the rice cook with a little lentils. Then add the chopped vegetables with the turnip greens and a little salt and pepper. After adding all the ingredients, allow about 3 minutes to cook and allow to cool completely. After the cooking is complete, dice Ash Shalgham(turnip) in a good dish and garnish with hot mint and onions.

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