Boz ghormeh main course

Boz ghormeh main course of kerman

Boz-ghormeh with this strange name is one of the delicious foods in Kerman province which is called because of goat meat in its ingredients. Goat meat is very tasty and delicious. Boz-ghormeh Abgoosht is one of Kerman's most popular local dishes and is also known as Kerman broth.

boz ghormeh

boz ghormeh

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Boz-ghormeh Abgoosht (Goat meat broth)

This delicious local dish is a combination of chickpeas, garlic, curd, saffron, garlic, saffron, onions, spices and goat meat. Because you have to soak the beans the night before, the cooking time is long. If you are a guest in Kerman, definitely one of the most delicious dishes is Boz-ghormeh Abgoosht. An original and traditional dish with great Kerman hospitable people. If you're a fan of flavored meats with Saffron fragrance, peas and curds, be sure to try the Boz-ghormeh Abgoosht.

Boz-ghormeh stew; a memorable meal

Kerman province also has a kind of stew called Boz-ghormeh. Goat meat stew is a traditional Kerman dish that is very tonic a rich source of protein because of chickpea, meat and whey in it. The reason for this food's name is goat meat. The unique taste of this stew has attracted many tourists. The ingredients for Boz-ghormeh Abgoosht and Boz-ghormeh stew are almost the same, with the only difference being the addition of fried mint. People in Kerman serve this traditional dish with both rice and bread. If you are looking for a very different and delicious traditional dish, try Boz-ghormeh (Goat meat) which is believed by many to have a wonderful taste.

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