Boz kebab or goat kebab

Boz kebab or goat kebab Main course

Boz kebab or goat kebab Main course as a thing to eat in Qeshm of Qeshm-hormuz. Among the colorful and delicious local dishes of Qeshm Island, Kebab boz(Goat Kebab) is one of the most delicious and popular dishes in Qeshm which have the most delectable taste of Kebab, Kebabs also have a special place among the dishes.

Boz Kebab

Boz Kebab

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About Boz Kebab

Because of most Iranian common taste of foods, delicious Goat Kebab is the popular food of travelers, especially those who are interested in Qeshm Tour. Qeshm Kebab Boz unlike local cuisine, mostly is found in restaurants in this city.

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