Colomba main course

Colomba main course of qeshm-hormuz

Colomba is one of Qeshm's famous, tasty and local dishes made from wheat, fish, vegetables (chopped coriander and dill). Colomba, one of Qeshm's traditional dishes, is almost like a soup.



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About Colomba

Qeshm people pour wheat into boiling water. Fish are also boiled in water with salt and turmeric to separate the bones. Then mix the fish meat with the herbs and add to the boiling wheat. People in Qeshm make this dish with animal oil that in the local language it is called "Jounon"(Jonoun). Its cooking method is similar to halim, which is why it is also called halim fish (Mahi Halim). The combination of boneless fish and fragrant vegetables and boiled wheat is one of the tasty foods that have a unique flavor and can be tried for dinner or lunch. Another type of this meal is made with millet, which uses crushed millet instead of wheat.

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