Dishow or Polow Shirin main course

Dishow or Polow Shirin main course of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan

Berenje Dishow or Polow Shirin (Dishow rice) local food of Hormozgan and Qeshm. Dishow means palm sap and Berenje Dishow ( Polow Shirin) is one of the local dishes of Hormozgan province, especially Qeshm.



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About Dishow

Among the local dishes of Qeshm people, Berenje Dishow is one of the strongest foods that the taste is different from other Qeshm local dishes. The reason for this is to baking rice with date juice instead of water. This type of baking rice can be considered one of the most consumed examples of Hormozgan local food. The sweet palm sap is often used to bake Berenje Dishow ( Polow Shirin). It is eaten with fish and cooked with palm sap, because the fish is cold in nature they use the warm dates. This has made Berenje Dishow compatible with the most humans’s nature.

In the cities of Hormozgan province this dish is served with fried fish. Berenje Dishow ( Polow Shirin) is very popular for sweet foods lovers. We recommend the sweet taste of rice cooked in date sap with fried fish to those who love sweet rice. Berenje Dishow or Polow Shirin is one of Qeshm's popular dishes with a very delectable fish flavor. This delicious food has its own fans in many restaurants in Qeshm. If you enjoy sweet-tasting foods, among Qeshm's dishes list, Berenje Dishow ( Polow Shirin) is your favorite.

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