Dopiyaze main course

Dopiyaze main course of qeshm-hormuz

This delicious food is one of the most traditional dishes in the south of the country, which is cooked with fresh shrimp and onions. Dopiyaze Meygoo (Fried-shrimp) is one of the local dishes of Qeshm Island, which is also cooked in other cities of Hormozgan province.



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Dopiyaze Meygoo (Fried-shrimp) (Hormozgan, especially Qeshm and Bandar Abbas)

Traveling to the south of the country, especially the southern islands, puts a different world of food in front of travelers and tourists. Whenever it comes to traditional and original southern foods, fish and shrimp are definitely the main ingredients of these foods. Dopiyaze Meygoo (Fried-shrimp) are cooked in many cities in Iran, and the way they are made and the ingredients are different in each city. Due to its shrimp, in addition to its pleasant taste, it also has numerous properties. Onions, shrimp, tomato paste, salt and pepper are the ingredients of this dish. Of course, in some cities, potatoes are also added to them. This food includes fragrant spices that give shrimp a pleasant taste. Although Dopiyaze Meygoo is a type of food that is mostly eaten with bread, some people eat it with rice.

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