Havari , Hawarii or Hawaree main course

Havari , Hawarii or Hawaree main course of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan

Havari (Hawarii- Hawaree) (fish or Shrimp) Hormozgan, especially Qeshm and Bandar Abbas. Hormozgan province, like other southern provinces of the country, is one of the most popular provinces in the food variety, especially seafood. It is natural that most of the local foods of Hormozgan be prepared with fish because the proximity to the sea has caused the natives to use fish and other aquatic products which are also beneficial for the health of body.



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About Havari

This food also called Mahi Polow, is a type of local cooked rice that is mostly cooked in Bandar Abbas and Qeshm. Havariis one of Qeshm's parliamentary foods that is mostly served at the wedding. In most Qeshm dishes, raw material are prepared in advance, which add to the soaked rice as a sauce. Prepared Polow is a combination of several ingredients and spices. "Havari" is a blend of fish, vegetables and rice that is one of the delicacies of the province. Havari is one of those foods that has a good Southern flavor with spicy fish. They use a variety of fish to make a meal, but a Longtail tuna or Thunnus tonggol ( a kind of fish) gives it a better taste. To prepare this tasty dish, first fry the onions, then the herbs, coriander, dill, fenugreek and garlic in the oil. Add the fish to the fried vegetables, adding pepper, spices and turmeric. After the fish is completely fried, the rice is brewed with fried ingredients. Shrimp can also be used for making Haware instead of fish,that is the food called Meugoo Polow which is delicious and popular. Havari, the popular food of Hormozgan, is very tasty and fragrant with aromatic herbs. When traveling to Hormozgan, be sure to try this dish. Havari Flavor is very fragrant and fragrant with aromatic herbs.

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