Kermani ghatogh

Kermani ghatogh Main course

Kermani ghatogh Main course as a thing to eat. ghatoghs are one of the oldest foods in the Kermanian variety of foods that are easy to make, in addition to being tasty. In the south of Iran, any type of cooked food that is easy to make and can be eaten with soaked bread in it, called ghatogh.

kermani ghatogh

kermani ghatogh

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About Kermani ghatogh

Ingredients include minced meat, potatoes, rice, tomato paste, greens (Tarragon and fenugreek), onions, oil and spices. Although some other kind of Kermani's ghatogh with vegetables are not as common as before, the Kermani's ghatogh with meat still has its place among Kerman families.

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