Khoresht aloocheh main course

Khoresht aloocheh main course of kerman

Khoresht Aloocheh or Plum stew is another of Kerman's local and official foods. This excellent and tasty dish that is a constant food in Kerman's formal parties and gatherings is made with both red meat and chicken that The taste of both types is unique.

khoresht aloocheh

khoresht aloocheh

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About Khoresht Aloocheh

The sour taste of greengage used in this dish is a favorite attraction for sour foods lovers, with ingredients such as meat, pinto beans, tomato paste, dried vegetables (parsley and coriander), onions, greengage, lemon juice, and spices. How to make this dish is simple and offers a great flavor for those who like sour foods. Kerman plum stew is one of Kerman's popular and delicious foods suitable for spring and has fat-burning properties. If you like sour plum taste, be sure to try the plum stew during your trip to the beautiful city of Kerman.

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