Lappe polow zire main course

Lappe polow zire main course of kerman

Lappe Polow with caraway because of its use of meat and caraway has a wonderful flavor and aroma that you will never forget the taste experience. Rice, minced meat, cotyledon, caraway, onions, tomato paste, salt, pepper and turmeric are the main ingredients of this local dish.

lappe polow zire

lappe polow zire

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About Lappe polow zire

This dish is popular among Kermanis because of its meat and caraway together. The special taste of this dish is very pleasing to anyone looking for a new flavor. The Kermans Lappe Polow with its caraway’s aroma and enjoyable roasted meat is so popular that it is considered as one of the main dishes of the city. If you pass Kerman, try its Lappe Polow with caraway.

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