Maluk ,oyster or a kind of long shell main course

Maluk ,oyster or a kind of long shell main course of qeshm-hormuz

Maluk, oyster or a kind of long shell, a nutritious feed of cla. Maluk is a kind of seafood in Qeshm, the main ingredient of which is shellfish. Sadaf is one of the most nutritious seafood in Qeshm that has many fans.



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About Maluk

Maluk in the local language is the long mussel that its meat is used for cooking this meal. Shells are rich in zinc. The oysters are small creatures that are abundant on the island's shores. For cooking Maluk, they first boil the pure shellfish meat in water with onions and then fry it like shrimp. Tomatoes, Southern spices and green peppers are the seasonings of this seafood. You may taste oyster and other seafood in most of Iranian restaurants, but the experience at island local restaurants is something else.

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