Puddini koose , shark or Flounder main course

Puddini koose , shark or Flounder main course of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan

Puddini Koose ( shark or Flounder) of Hormozgan province especially Qeshm. One of the fish caught by southern fishermen is the shark. In the south of our country delicious shark cooks. One of Qeshm's most popular local dishes is Puddini Koose, which can be found on the island's seafood menu. You will find shark in almost all southern restaurants and fast food.

Puddini Koose

Puddini Koose

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About Shark pudding or puddin koose

Shark pudding is one of the most delicious local dishes made with shark meat and should only be eaten in Qeshm. Qeshm people cook shark meat with some salt and turmeric first. After baking, they are pressed to draw water. Then roast it with onions, dried lemon, tomato paste, garlic, aromatic vegetables and spices. This is one of the expensive dishes, but do not miss the taste.
When we eat a shark, we no longer have to keep bones in one hand at a time because they are separated from meat when cooked. Sometimes they cook the same dish with a fish called Sofre Mahi ( Flounder- flatfish- eagle ray) puddini. Shark pudding is one of the foods to eat on the island and its taste is unforgettable. We suggest you try this dish so you can tell your friends about eating shark meat.

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