Roasted fish , Mahi Bereshteh or Kebab Zoghali main course

Roasted fish , Mahi Bereshteh or Kebab Zoghali main course of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan and bushehr

Roasted or grilled fish, also known as charcoal grilled fish, is one of the most popular local foods in Hormozgan especially Qeshm Island. Roasted or grilled fish, is one of the most easily cooked and most popular kebabs.

roasted fish

roasted fish

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About Roasted Fish

To make this food, they use a variety of fish in the south, such as Sardines (Blacktip sardinella), Garrisons ( Liza klunzingeri) , Sangsar ( Javelingrunter or Striped piggy) , Sorkhoo (Blackspot snapper), Havoor (Longtail tuna) and Zardeh (Kawakawa). Fish used by Qeshm locals for roasting are generally Sangsar ( Javelingrunter or Striped piggy) and Sorkhoo (Blackspot snapper).

In the Roasted fish cooking process, at first Inside the abdomen of large fish are emptied, salting it and filling it with aromatic herbs, onions and special spices, and putting on a baking dish or foil prepared on a gas or charcoal fire.

To roast the fish, first soak it in onions, lemon juice and aromatic herbs to soften and taste better and then roast it. To grill the fish salt it at least an hour ahead to fully absorb it and also the foil on which the fish is placed should be hot, otherwise the fish skin will stick to the foil. Grilling the fish preserves its taste and properties and is even more beneficial due to the lack of oil. After cooking the fish, they should be put in a container and Sprinkle a few drops of water to steam the oil under the skin of the hot fishes and the skin easily remove when consumed. The fish are eaten with plenty of dates. Southern fish are suitable for roasting. Of course, we suggest you buy this dish from the locals of Qeshm Island Because the style of cooking is a bit different from the variety of other grilled fish.

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