Singow or crab main course

Singow or crab main course of qeshm-hormuz

Crabs are another delicious seafood. In the south of Iran, you can experience this unique dish known as Singow. The kind people of the south make delicious food with crabs and, like fish, have various ways for cooking.



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Singow or Crab in Hormozgan province and other southern cities

It can be cooked with crab shape or the meat can be separated. One type of cooking is that southern people put the crabs in a pot on the stove to heat, add a little salt and after cooking, remove the crab skin and the claws and separate the white meat. there is also white meat in the claws of the crab. Then, they add a little spice to the meat to taste and fry in oil. If they want to keep the shape of the crab serve it this way way, after removing the tentacles, wrap a thread around the crab. You can eat crab with rice, which is like "Meygoo Polow", one of the southern foods, or you can serve the crab separately. If you are interested in seafood, we suggest you try Singow. The way of cooking and local spices in the south of Iran gives this dish a memorable taste.

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