Zebon or Tahchin main course

Zebon or Tahchin main course of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan

Zebon (Tah-chin), Tasty dish in Qeshm, Hormozgan. Zebon (Tah-chin) is very popular in Hormozgan,especially Qeshm because of its popularity with fried potatoes. Like most Southern dishes, fish are used in this dish. One of the main features of Qeshm foods is the aroma of vegetables that you can easily feel in most foods. Potatoes and fried fish make this dish very tasty.



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About Zebon

For preparing this tonic delicious food, The potatoes are sliced and fried, Add the spices and turmeric to the oil and fry the chopped onion in the grated tomatoes. Finally, on the bottom of a pot, the local bread (Tomoshi bread) is spread and all of this material is poured with rice over the bread and left on the flame for a few minutes until it bakes. After an hour, eat one of the best seafood in Qeshm. Zebon (Tah-chin), has a unique aroma and even if you do not have a good relationship with seafood, you can not miss this seafood.

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