Zire polow main course

Zire polow main course of kerman

Zirepolow (caraway Pilaf); Caraway (cumin) is an inseparable part of the Kermanian taste that, in addition to its wonderful taste, has many therapeutic properties.

zire polow

zire polow

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About Zire polow or caraway Pilaf

Cumin may not be a favorite of many people, but it is undoubtedly a pilaf that is worth a try, you will probably enjoy this dish because it has a great flavor and aroma. One of the most original and traditional Kerman's dishes is Zirepolow, which has its own fans. Its main ingredients are rice, caraway (cumin), oil and salt. How to make a Kermani Zirepolow (caraway Pilaf) like any other is very simple. You can also serve it with chicken or meat after cooking.

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