Best Sweets and Snacks in Iran for Tourists

1. Baklava as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Baklava is one of the most popular and delicious sweets in Iran, Turkey and some Arab countries. The base of this delicious dessert is dough, which is filled in with a variety of brains such as walnuts, pistachios, almonds, and ready to be served with Baklava nectar. The contents of Baklava may vary according to the region in which they are made. Iranian Baklava, served as a dessert at parties and parties, is offered in Yazd, Qazvin and Tabriz cities with a unique flavor. And it can be the souvenir of these ancient and great cities. Due to the proximity of Tabriz to Turkey, The Baklava in Tabriz is one of the oldest types of Iranian baklava. This candy is very popular during the holy month of Ramadan in Tabriz.

2. Qurabiya as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Qurabiya is a local pastry, chamber and lovely that has many fans in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Zanjan, Qazvin and many other countries. Qurabiya is a sweet, which is mainly made with almonds, sugar and eggs, and is full of pistachios and almonds, and is known for its expensive sweets and chambermaids. Generally, these sweets are known as the Qarabiya of Tabriz or Turkey. Although it is not a specialty of Tabriz and is popular in all cities. Qurabiya have different types of walnuts and coconut.

3. Gaz and Nougat as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

These sweets in Iran have at least two very good types, one of which is the product of Isfahan and the other is the product of Tabriz. Gaz Sweet, famous and traditional snacks are main souvenirs of Isfahan, also produced in Hamedan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Kerman, Fars and Yazd. Eggs, almonds, pistachios, and pearls are used to make Gaz Nougat or Luca is one of the most delicious and delicious sweets in the city of Tabriz, from the Gaz family. The ingredients are: egg whites, sugar, walnuts, vanilla and .... In some cases, Mecao Bread is also used to make it. In Tabriz, this special type of pastry is for joy and celebration.

4. Sohan as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Qom Sohan is one of the most delicious Iranian sweets that is usually served as an evening with tea. Sohan, the main souvenir of Qom and the most diverse Sohans can be found in this city. Sohan is a traditional pastry made from a mixture of wheat flour, malt, sugar and oil, and has a very light and brownish texture.

5. Qottab as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Qottab is one of the traditional Yazd and Kerman sweets and one of the most delicious sweets in the world. This is Yazdi's original sweetness. Yazd Qottab is very famous and very fanciful, But Kraman's Qottab is delicious too and anyone who has eaten knows that it has nothing less than the original form. Qottab of Kerman are slightly different in shape and size with the famous Nazdi sweets. And of course, the material inside it is a bit different. This sweet, which is one of the souvenirs of Yazd and Kerman.In terms of some characteristics, including its taste, it is unique and distinguishes it from other sweets. And because of the nuts almonds and firmness in its compounds, it has a good nutritional value.

6. Kak or Yokheh as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Kak or Yukheh is a traditional pastry and souvenir that is souvenir from Shiraz and Kermanshah cities and is considered as a delicious, high-energy and light food among the people of the region. Name of this pastry in Shiraz is Yokheh, or Kak in Kermanshah.

7. Kerman Kolompeh as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Kolompeh are a special type of sweets that are cooked in Kerman. This Special sweets has a special composition and the main ingredients are dates, flour, spices and oil. The Kolompeh is shaped like a muffin, except that there are dates in it. The walnut Kolompeh, is one of the most delicious types of calendars. Kerman's Kolompeh can be kept in closed containers for a long time because of their dryness.

8. Sohan Konjedi or Posht Zik as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Sohan Konjedi or Posht Zik Posht Zik or Sohan Konjedi is a local sweet dessert which belongs to the old Mazandaran or Mazandaran and the present Golestan province. This dessert is good for kids and athletics especially the honey version. It is rich in energy that is made with sesame and sugar. The reason for its name is because of a bird named Zik whose habitat is in northern Iran and the color of the wings is exactly like this sweetness. It's easy to make it.

9. Pashmak or Cotton Candy as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Pashmak or Cotton candy is one of Yazd delicious sweets that has many fans. It is available in pink, white, yellow, brown colors. It is made of sugar, flour, oil and cardamom. The process of making this type of sweets is very interesting.

10. Fuman Cookie as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Fuman Cookie is composed of two layers. The inside layer is different from the outer layer and contains the walnut, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, sugar and oil (animal). On the cookie is decorated with a stamp. This cookie is cooked in the oven.

11. Nan Berenji of Kermanshah as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Nan Berenji is one of the famous and very popular sweets in the city of Kermanshah, which is also known as souvenirs of this city. Nan Berenji was previously considered one of the most important gifts for Nowruz. This authentic and very tasty pastry is pleasant to all the taste and the aroma of the Nan Berenji, tempting in the traditional Bazaars of Kermanshah is always appreciated.

12. Nan Khormaei or Date Cookie as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Nan khormaei is a cookie made from dates, wheat flour, sugar, Kermanshahi oil, saffron, water, rose water, and eggs, and is souvenir in Kermanshah. Nan Khormaei is made without sugar and its sweet taste is due to the presence of nectar of dates and pieces of dates inside it.

13. Eris, Ris or Soot as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Eris, Ris or soot is one of the traditional Tabriz sweets that has been around for centuries. These sweets are presented in various forms with different compositions of each Iranian taste and in different packaging. Eris is available in milk, sugar, vanilla, pistachio, cocoa saffron types. Although Eris is a very delicious sweets, but her sweetness is so high that it is better to be eaten with tea or hot drinks.

14. Reshteh Khoshkar as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

The Reshteh Khoshkar is a traditional Gilani sweets. The Reshteh Khoshkar style is a symbol of taste of the Gilanians, and Today, this Reshteh Khoshkar is popular among tourists and travelers who travel to Gilan, and certainly will not miss the delicious and memorable flavor of this traditional pastry.

15. Qazvini Chickpea Cookie or Nokhodchi as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Nokhodchi is one of the delicious sweets of Qazvini, the main ingredients of which are chickpea flour. The secret to baking this candy is just the use of peanut butter flour. You do not even need any special tools.

16. Ghovatou or Ghaout of Kerman as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Ghovatou or Ghaout is one of the souvenirs of Kerman province, which is produced in the cities of Ravar, Rafsanjan, Sirjan, Bam, Zarand and Kerman, and has a long history. The reason for this is because it is a source of energy. Ghovatou or Ghaout of Kerman is a boosting herbal potion. Ghovatou or Ghaout are consumed as edible powder or solution in milk or tea.

17. Halva Ardeh as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Halva ardeh Halvah Ardeh is a very tasty food that is consumed mostly by breakfast, and its ingredients are: Ardeh, Sugar, Eggs, Cardamom and Chubak. In the manufacture of Halvah Ardeh is used from Sesame Bryan Sayedeh, which is said to be called Liquid. In the old days, it was not sugar, it was used with dates of dates, grapes or honey.

18. Basloq as a Iranian Sweet and Snack

Basloq is one of the oldest Iranian desserts, which today is mostly consumed as a sweets with tea. This delicious dessert is very enjoyable, so most people love Basloq. Basloq is a kind of sweets and souvenirs from Maragheh, Malayer and Arak, which is being produced in this city. To prepare this pastry, you can use a grape juice, starch, almonds, or sweet apricot kernels and spices are used.