Maluki snack and souvenir

Maluki snack and souvenir of qeshm-hormuz

If you are one of those people, be sure to find Maluki sweets in Hormozgan province. Maluki is a traditional southern pastry, especially in Hormozgan province, which is made from a combination of yogurt, eggs, flour and sugar.



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Maluki, traditional Hormozgan sweet

Many tourists, when traveling to new cities, like to try the delicious sweets of that area. Hormozgan people combine the egg yolks and melted butter, add the flour little by little, put the resulting dough in the nylon and let it rest for about 2 hours. Then, they shaped the dough into small circles and fried in plenty of oil, then roll them in powdered sugar and served. Don't forget to taste these sweets.

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