About Kashan City


Kashan is a historic and desert city in the center of Iran's central mountain range. Kashan can be considered the cradle of traditional civilization and traditional culture of Iran with the age of 7000 years. The geographical and climatic location of Kashan region has created special conditions for tourism, which can be noted it’s historical, natural, religious, artistic, industrial and original architecture attractions.

Kashan with an area of 2100 hectares is located in the central region of Iran, located on one side to the mountain and on the other side to the Kavir plain. Its height from the sea level is 945 meters and is located 235 kilometers south of the capital and 250 kilometers north of the city of Isfahan along the Qom-Isfahan highway. From east and north to the Kavir plain and from south east to Ardestan and from west to Delijan city , Mahallat and Golpayegan are connected.

Kashan is one of the most historic and well-known cities in Iran, with many foreign and domestic travelers traveling annually. Especially in order to visit the magnificent flower ceremony in which it is held. The city is full of tourist attractions that are located at very little distances, so you can see more of its tourist areas within a day.