Best Kashan Cuisines to eat for tourists

Baklava snack as a thing to eat of kashan

Baklava is one of the most popular and delicious sweets in Iran, Turkey and some Arab countries. The base of this delicious dessert is dough, which is filled in with a variety of brains such as walnuts, pistachios, almonds, and ready to be served with Baklava nectar. The contents of Baklava may vary according to the region in which they are made. Iranian Baklava, served as a dessert at parties and parties, is offered in Yazd, Qazvin and Tabriz cities with a unique flavor. And it can be the souvenir of these ancient and great cities. Due to the proximity of Tabriz to Turkey, The Baklava in Tabriz is one of the oldest types of Iranian baklava. This candy is very popular during the holy month of Ramadan in Tabriz.

Saffron juice drink as a thing to eat of kashan

Saffron juice is a very colorful juice that is popular in some parts of Iran, including Khorasan. Saffron Juice is one of the most delicious Iranian juices that can be prepared and welcomed by guests at the celebration. Research shows that saffron juice can be used to relieve insomnia that originates from brain stimulation. Saffron juice also makes digestion easier. Because of the effect of anesthetizing on the pulmonary nerves, saffron is a chronic cough in the bronchitis, and is also very effective in treating seizures and toothache.

Bahar narenj drink as a thing to eat of kashan

Bahar Narenj is mean The orange blossom or orange flower And with the orange spring that becomes in spring, Jam and Bahar Narenj juice are prepared. The most important medicinal property of the Bahar Narenj is its effect on the nervous system of the body. The Bahar Narenj is a relaxing and anti-thirsty nerve and reduces migraine headaches.

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