Top things to do in Kashan as tourist Attractions

Tabatabaei house as a historical attraction of kashan

The Tabatabaei House is the bride of the houses of Iran. Its flawless architecture and superbly beautiful appearance have brought it a reputation for it. The Tabatabaei House as a Tourist Attraction is one of the most valuable houses in Iran, which can be seen in that the elements of Iranian architecture and is a masterpiece of Kashan's architecture.

Borujerdiha historical house as a historical attraction of kashan

The historic Borujerdi House is one of the most beautiful historic houses in Kashan, a house that is architecturally, old, ornamental and painting is one of the most exquisite historical works of the country. This house with a crescent-shaped wind-catchers on the roof reveals one of the most beautiful Iranian architectural influences.

Fin garden as a historical attraction of kashan

The beauty of the Fin Garden of Kashan has attracted the attention of experts across the borders and made their name on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Fin Garden and its collection is one of the Iranian gardens located 9 km from the center of Kashan and at the end of Amir Kabir Street. The Fin bath, which is located in this garden, is the place where Nasser al-Din Shah killed his Chancellor Amir Kabir in 1852.

Agha bozorg mosque as a historical attraction of kashan

The Agha Bozorg mosque is one of the most magnificent Islamic buildings in Kashan, with a huge brick dome and tile minaret, is one of the most interesting historical buildings in Kashan. This collection is an example of traditional Iranian architecture, tailored to the desert climate and one of the most beautiful Islamic buildings.

Sultan amir ahmad bathhouse as a historical attraction of kashan

The historic Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse as a Tourist Attraction is an example of the most unique Iranian baths in terms of architecture and decoration with an area of 1102 square meters in the ancient city of Kashan. The bath dates back to Seljuk and Qajar. One of the important items of this building is lime and plaster, with its 17 luminous layers representing its age.

Noushabad underground city historical site as a historical attraction of kashan

In 2004, the underground city of NoushAbad, or the local dialect of Owei, was discovered in depth, and in 2006, it was registered with the national historical monuments. This unique underground city, the largest underground city in the world, dates back to the Sassanid era and dates back to the age of 1500.

Abyaneh village as a natural and cultural attraction of kashan

Abyaneh is a red village 40 km northwest of Natanz, on the slopes of Karkas Mountain. Due to its native architecture and diverse historical monuments, this village is one of the exceptional villages in Iran. Abyaneh is a scenic, well-maintained, natural location that has its own culture and traditional clothes.

bazaar of kashan as a historical attraction

Kashan's big and old bazaar is one of the most attractive places of Kashan. This Bazaar has been active and thriving since the Seljuk period. Bazaar of Kashan, which runs from Kamal-ol-Molk Square to the historic site of the rock, and which continues to be the mesgarha”Coppersmith” bazaar and the darvaze-dowlat, includes a large number of markets and passes and includes dozens of historical monuments.

Maranjab desert as a natural attraction of kashan

Maranjab desert, a natural tourist attractions near to Tehran in Kashan. Maranjab desert covered with sandy hills and rivers of Iran, located in northern Arran and Bidgol city in Isfahan province. This desert is located north of the salt lake of Aran and Bidgol, west of the desert of Mesiland and the salt lake of Sultan and Houz-e-Mer, from the east with the Desert Rig and Desert National Park, and south of the cities of Aran, Bidgol and Kashan. Maranjah desert is about 850 meters high. This desert is marshy in winter, spring and early summer due to water flooding, so it's the best time to visit this beautiful desert in the months of Aban and Azar.

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