About Kerman Province

Kerman province is one of the oldest places on Iran's plateau with its strange geography and nature, which is located in the desert of Lut desert. According to some historians and researchers, the history of human settlements and settlements dates back to the fourth millennium BC. According to historical documents throughout the centuries,Kerman province has been full of ups and downs and witnessed many changes in the history.

Historical monuments of Kerman undoubtedly must be considered one of the richest historical cities in the world. It is better to say that due to the high number of valuable ancient sites as well as the historical buildings of Kerman province, we can safely name the encyclopedia of thousands of years of civilization and architecture of Iran. The arata civilization in Jiroft, which is more than 5000 years old, as well as the Shahdad civilization of this age, to dozens of fire temples and four Sassanid vaults and a collection of beautiful Islamic monuments including beautiful Squares such as Ganjalikhan Square and dozens of mosques, Water reservoir, school, caravanserai ... and all this is a clear testimony to this greatness