Top things to do in Kerman as tourist Attractions

Kaloot shahdad or kalut desert as a natural attraction of kerman

Shahdad kaloot as natural tourist attraction of Kerman. Kalut Shahdad Desert is Special for: Named the warmest place on earth. Part of the plain of Lut is its name in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. An attractive option for deserting, especially in the fall. One of the unique natural attractions of Iran, and one can see them in less places. Some viewpoints of Shahdad kaloot (kalut) are described as supernatural, and they are considered as a sprawling space. Due to the Shahdad Desert Camp, it has good facilities. There are some emotional excitements about Safari in this area.

Shazdeh garden as a historical attraction of kerman

The Shazdeh Mahan Garden as a Tourist Attraction, due to the presence of the desert and the contrast between the lush environment of the garden and the dry environment outside the walls of the garden, is a special attraction for visitors and tourists, and it can be named as one of the most beautiful traditional gardens in the land of Iran. That created such a contrasting beauty. The presence of a lush garden in the heart of a desert desert where you rarely plant it as a miracle, a strange event that will surprise everyone. This masterpiece of architecture is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

kerman bazaar as a historical attraction

The great Kerman Bazaar as a Historical Tourist Attraction starts from the Arg square and ends with the Moshtaqiye Square. Each part of Kerman's Bazaar has been made by one of the rulers of this city and due to its unique features in Iran, it is unique and of world renown. This Bazaar is considered to be the longest Iranian bazaar and was mainly built after the eighth century AH. The Bazaar of Kerman, also known as the Ganjalikhan bazaar, is one of the most important historical and commercial centers of Kerman, with more than 60% of its historical monuments.

Rageh valley and canyon as a natural attraction of kerman

Geopark of Rageh canyon which is a natural attraction of Kerman, is formed due to the phenomenon of erosion in the plain of Rafsanjan with a depth of 70 meters, and the presence of numerous springs in the depth of the earth is one of the most ancient and most beautiful desert areas in the country. The 20-kilometer walk along the canyon, walking side by side, provides viewing of the effects of erosion of the soil. The cone and pillars, erosion pillars and columns, arches, and blades and striped walls with their height reaching 70 meters in some places are among the special sections of the area.

Arg-e bam castle as a historical attraction of kerman

The Arg-e Bam as a Historical Tourist Attraction, the world's largest brick building, is one of the most important and most valuable historical landmarks of Iran. The predecessors of this massive historical complex built on a large rock near Bam city in Kerman province.

Rayen castle as a historical attraction of kerman

The most important ancient monument from the Sassanid period is the Rayen Castle(Arg),Rayen Castle as a Historical Tourist Attraction with a square plan with a total area of more than twenty-two thousand square meters and a forty four thousand square meters of living space. The Rayen Castle(Arg) is one of the world's largest masonry buildings. This large monument with a surface area of more than twenty-two thousand square meters is the second largest brick building in the world after the Bam Castle, which hosts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists each year.

Meymand village as a natural and cultural attraction of kerman

Meymand Rocky Village as Tourist Attraction of Shahre Babak in Kerman Province is one of the rocky settlements in the world, where people continue to live. The village has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Meymand village Ten thousand years old paintings and six thousand-year-old pottery are some of the glowing documents that narrate the history of Meymand.

Fath abad or Biglar Beygi Mansion garden as a historical attraction of kerman

The Fath abad Garden(Biglar Beygi Mansion) related to the Qajar period, located 25 km from the center of Kerman, the city of Ekhtiyar Abad. This garden is a model for the construction of the Shazdeh Mahan Garden. In addition to the main mansion, with two floors in the center of the complex and in the north of the main pond, there are four seasons in mansion in the west. Nowadays the garden is one of the attractions of Kerman city and the rooms of both houses can be booked and rented.Also, entertainment and entertainment services are also being held in the open air and mansion rooms in recent years; one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Kerman.

Hazar mountain as a natural attraction of kerman

It is the fourth largest mountain in Iran and the highest peak in the south of the country. The 900-square-kilometer mountain range consists of the Sar Boneh and Sarmeshk mountains, which are connected to the Lalehzar mountains in the west and to the Bahr Aseman mountain in the south. Hazar in Persian means 1000. Hazar Mountain, due to its diverse vegetation, is called by this name. The highest residential area in Iran is the village of Bab Zangi in the city of Rayen. The height of Bab Zangi village is 3309 meters, which is located in Hazar mountain. Several families live in the village, and the villagers make their vows at the top of the mountain.

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